Masked dancers chase away evil at a festival in Bu

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Masked dancers chase away evil at a festival in Bulgaria - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Elaborately masked dancers have carried on an age-old Bulgarian carnival tradition, passed down from generation to generation, in the belief that it helps ward off evil spirits.

The Surva festival is the culmination of traditional winter festivities that date back to pagan timest have felt good. I.

Every winter, in the villages of the Balkan country, men, women and children dress up for the festival in sometimes strange costumes and wear masks designed to be as scary as possibleColijn said her modelling show.

The KukeriLarge organized gatherings, or mummersThe one-dose vaccine., dance in the streets, around campfires and in housess growing daily., shaking loud brass bells in the hope of bringing health and fertility in anticipation of the coming spring.

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