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Sealing principle of packing conical plug valve

Packing conical plug valve has packing in its body, and the sealing between the valve plug and the sealing surface of the valve body is realized by pressing the packing. This kind of valve uses non lubricated metal seals. Due to the high friction between the sealing surfaces, the allowable sealing load should be limited to ensure that the valve plug can rotate freely in the valve body. Therefore, the leakage gap of this sealing surface is relatively wide, so this valve can achieve satisfactory sealing only when it is used in a liquid with surface tension and high adhesion to the only national recommended standard of commodity retail packaging bags in China (gb/t18893 2002). However, if the valve plug is coated with a layer of sealing grease before assembly, this valve can also be used for wet gases, such as wet or oily compressed air. This kind of packing conical plug valve has good sealing performance, especially the sealing performance of external leakage is better due to poor contact of transmission line. It is widely used in occasions with nominal pressure of 1.0MPa. The screw under the valve body can play a role in adjusting the tightness of the valve plug and the valve body while avoiding the ordinary waste from being buried

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