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Hot melt adhesive sealing technology

I. overview

for industrial enterprises, when products are loaded into cartons, they will face the problem of sealing in the next step. At present, the vast majority of enterprises generally adopt the traditional forms of U-shaped box sealing nails and binding plastic braids. These sealing forms have some defects more or less; If the adhesive tape is not strong, the special or oily paperboard will not stick firmly at all. In addition, it is also easy to open glue in cold regions. The cost of binding plastic braided belts is high and does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Nailing is easy to affect the surface quality of product packaging, and it is easy to damage the products in the box

hot melt adhesive is a new type of sealing material in the 1960s. After more than 40 years of promotion, hot melt adhesive sealing technology has developed into a major form of carton sealing in western developed countries. In China, when hot melt adhesive first appeared, it was difficult to popularize because of its high price. However, in recent years, domestic hot melt adhesive companies have built factories in Guangdong, China, reducing costs, so that hot melt adhesive has achieved reasonable economy, which laid the foundation for the wide application of hot melt adhesive in China. At present, it is more and more popular in some large enterprises, especially foreign-funded enterprises in Europe and the United States

II. Advantages of hot melt adhesive sealing box

hot melt adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive. Its physical state changes with the change of temperature within a certain temperature range, while its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It is an environmental friendly chemical product

hot melt adhesive bonding is to use the hot melt machine to melt the hot melt adhesive through heat. The glue after melting becomes a liquid, which is sent to the surface of the bonded object through the throat and spray gun of the hot melt machine. After the hot melt adhesive is cooled, the bonding is completed. It can meet the requirements of carton sealing and overcome the defects of the previous carton sealing forms

advantages of hot melt adhesive bonding:

1. Fast. The whole bonding process can be completed in seconds (or even faster)

2. The floor space is small, and the hot melt glue machine is small, requiring only a small space

3. The production cost per unit product is the lowest

4. The bonding effect is good, the bonding strength is high, and the overall strength of the bonded carton is strengthened, so that the carton is not easy to deform and crack

5. Return the pointer to zero without waste disposal. Meet environmental protection requirements and export packaging requirements

6. It has anti-theft function and can cite whether the packaging object has been opened without authorization

7. Different glue spraying methods can be adjusted to play the role of identification and anti-counterfeiting

III. comparison between hot melt adhesive and traditional sealing tape and packaging tape in the application of carton sealing

a comparison between hot melt adhesive and sealing tape in the application of carton sealing

item sticking non drying tape (sealing tape) hot melt adhesive 1 has poor bonding strength and low tensile strength. For coated or oily paperboard, it can burn through the coating, and the bonding strength is high. 2 it is easy to wrinkle and self stick, There are no wrinkles and self-adhesive problems during shutdown. 3. The tape needs to be replaced, resulting in downtime of about% per shift. Adding glue will not cause downtime. 4. The storage validity of the tape is half a year, and certain storage conditions are required. Otherwise, it is easy to deteriorate. The storage period of hot melt adhesive is 2 years, and the storage area is small, without special storage requirements. 5. The performance of low temperature resistance is poor. In the cold climate in the north, it is easy to open and has good low temperature resistance, The BOPP material used in the 6-box sealing tape that can be as low as -40 ℃ is a non environmental protection product, which pollutes the environment and has defects that affect the export of the product. The hot melt adhesive is suitable for the electronic tensile testing machine. In fact, it is not just a simple tensile test. Due to the excessive deformation, there is no waste disposal problem, Products are suitable for export to European and American countries. Requirements

b hot melt adhesive and packing belt are used in carton sealing. Item binding plastic braided belt (packing belt) hot melt adhesive 1 when lifting the carton with packing belt, it is easy to damage the surface structure of the carton and hide the bonding method, It will not damage and affect the exquisite carton printing. 2. The carton is easy to deform or even crack during transportation. The overall strength of the carton is strengthened. It is not easy to deform and crack. 3. The equipment needs to adjust the tension of the tension strap frequently, and the tape change needs to be stopped without many adjustments and stopping for feeding. 4. Currently, the commonly used packaging tape is a non environmental protection product, and the waste material needs to be treated, which affects the export of products to Europe and the United States. The hot melt adhesive is suitable for environmental protection requirements, and there is no waste material problem, Products are suitable for export to European and American countries. 5 packaging objects are easy to be opened without authorization, and it is impossible to verify whether the packaging objects can be cited have been opened without authorization.

IV. cooperation between hot melt adhesive and hot melt adhesive machine

to give full play to the advantages of hot melt adhesive in carton sealing, high-quality hot melt adhesive and corresponding hot melt adhesive machine with reliable quality and performance must be used to match

in terms of hot melt glue equipment, when selecting hot melt glue machine, we should comprehensively consider the cost and efficiency. According to the speed requirements, the shape and sealing form of the packing box, the production site, the hot melt glue equipment and throat, nozzle and supporting auxiliary equipment with appropriate layout, so as to realize automatic or semi-automatic glue spraying, and then give full play to the advantages of hot melt glue to achieve the maximum effect and economic benefits. In this regard, you can consult the professional hot melt adhesive manufacturer. In general, the full-automatic or semi-automatic glue spraying method greatly gives play to the speed and cost advantages of hot melt adhesive in sealing the box compared with the manual method

source: Chinese packaging standards

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