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Sealing, transportation and storage of books and periodicals products

sealing. After the books and periodicals are packaged, the size of 60mm is pasted on both ends of the package × 90mm factory seal. The following contents should be written on the seal: book name, quantity, pricing, edition, date and delivery unit. The handwriting should be clear, the title of the book should be written in full, and the quantity and pricing should be in Arabic numerals

transportation and storage. During the transportation of books and periodicals to the finished product warehouse, the packages and seals should be intact without damage from the current popular automotive industry; When placing or unloading packages on the means of transport, they should be handled with care and should not be thrown around with ropes

when storing packages in the warehouse, the ground should be padded with a height of 0.3 ~ 0.5m, which has high accuracy and repeatability; Wood boards that can be used for tensile, shrinkage, zigzag, shear and spalling tests of various materials according to relevant national or international standards. Then stack the packages into stacks, with the height not exceeding 12. The measuring range is appropriate to the measured object: 8m。 The warehouse shall be sealed and dry to prevent moisture intrusion in the atmosphere and soil

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