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It is not only search engine optimization

e-commerce stations that are important for e-commerce to make money. It is always hoped that foreign customers can easily find their own stations to facilitate transactions, but now there are many e-commerce stations. How can they stand out from many enterprises and develop more customers? Many people will mention search engine optimization

search engine optimization is called SEO for short. This concept is certainly not unfamiliar to every friend who is familiar with the Internet. What exactly does SEO need to do? SEO mainly optimizes the pages through technologies such as how various search engines crawl the Internet pages, how to index them, and how to determine their ranking of search results for a specific keyword, so as to improve the ranking of search engines, so as to improve the traffic of websites, and finally promote the sales ability of e-commerce stations. But to be an e-commerce station, it is not only search engine optimization, but also other equally important factors

taking comprehensive e-commerce as an example, in addition to search engine optimization, users' browsing habits and the opening speed of the station should also be considered

first of all, as an enterprise station, the browsing group it faces is naturally foreign customers, and the short name of the English Japanese industrial standard of many foreign trade enterprises is designed in China, which does not conform to the browsing habits of foreign users, making it difficult for foreigners to find the information they want and feel uncomfortable about their browsing habits; At the same time, it also ignores the habits of foreign and local users, as well as the tools commonly used by local well-known stations, yellow pages and other purchasers. In addition, with the same search engine and the same keyword search, the results at home and abroad are the same. Simply buy the search engine ranking. The design of the station is unprofessional and the workmanship is rough, which makes foreign users feel that the company is small, unprofessional and careless; The message feedback, consultation and e-mail consultation on the station are furnishings. The user asked for a long time and didn't get a reply, so he had to find another supplier; In addition, the layout of the station is not user-friendly and there is no interaction. When the user hasn't found the information he wants for a long time, he can't find the most detailed contact information and relevant person in charge directly through network consultation, which gives the customer a very bad impression

second, search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is divided into off-site SEO and on-site SEO

off site SEO can also be said to be a search engine technology away from the site. The naming comes from the impact of external sites on the ranking of on-site search engines. The most effective external site factor is reverse link, which is often called external link. So how to generate high-quality backlinks

first, we can use high-quality external chain. The best way to generate high-quality external links is to make the content of the store more attractive, so that more visitors have a desire to buy the goods of the store, which increases the viscosity of users and the value of the station over and over again. You can also go to its excellent website to buy links, commonly known as buying advertising space. The best optimization efficiency is the text link. The picture electronic universal testing machine is a high-precision testing instrument, and the connection is also conducive to the sale of goods

in addition, you can also join the business alliance, make friends with more store managers, and jointly reach a mutually beneficial mutual aid alliance. In shopex, a larger domestic store service provider, there is a relatively mature alliance system, which recommends positions to brother platforms. Over time, you will find that with the healthy growth of the alliance, you have also obtained huge benefits, so that your store can get better scores in the search engine

there is a lot of knowledge in choosing domain names, and the important point is to try to choose domain names that include keywords. Secondly, check whether you have registered this domain name before. If there is a high-quality site and it has done a reverse link before, it will benefit; But it is also possible that some sites with poor quality do backlinks, which may be unfriendly by search engines for a period of time. It is very important to choose domain names wisely

adding new keywords to store product introductions and promotional articles will be conducive to the "spider" crawling index of search engines, thereby increasing the quality of stores. But don't pile up too many keywords. You should consider what keywords people will search for when they find this article in the search engine. These keywords need to be mentioned frequently in the station

to enrich site keywords, you can generally follow the following methods: keywords should appear in the page title tag; There are keywords in the URL, that is, directory name and file name. You can put some keywords in the URL; Include keywords in the link text of the page export link; Mention the keyword in the tag (head tag); Put keywords in meta tags (meta tags)

search engines prefer friendly page structure, error free code and clear navigation sites. The site design should ensure that the pages of the site are effective and visualized in mainstream browsers. Search engines don't like too many flash, I frames and java script scripts, so keeping the site clean and tidy is also conducive to the search engine "spider" crawling to the site index faster and more accurately. For inexperienced shopkeepers, they can pay more attention to the e-commerce template competition hosted by shopex. The participating templates are the works of professional designers, and the site design of these templates is optimized, You can reference the appropriate template

the internal links of the site are also very learned. The working mode of search engine is to grab the page information through the "spider" program, track the content written, find the page through the link address of the page, and extract the hyperlink address. Many SEO experts suggest that stations provide station maps, and it is best to have one to two in-depth links between each page on the station. At the same time, the establishment of the list, that is, the ranking list of sales and products of concern, is also a beneficial measure for the optimization of the store

if you have done all the things that SEO in the station should do, but the station has not appeared in the search engine, it must be because the search engine has not started to include it. Submitting to search engines is also an important part. Each search engine allows users to submit sites that are not included. This project generally needs to wait days

again, when your site not only conforms to the browsing habits of foreign users, but also completes SEO optimization, you will change to consider the opening speed of standing abroad. However, with the launch of network promotion, many foreign trade enterprises have said that the effect is general. What is the reason? It turned out that the international export bandwidth of our country is seriously insufficient, and the international bandwidth of the whole country is less than 50g, which is not as much as 1/10 of that of a university in the United States, resulting in very little bandwidth to each station on average. So the speed of foreign customers opening domestic stations is very slow. If the well-designed and SEO optimized stations make customers unable to browse, isn't all the previous efforts in vain

after learning about the difficulties of foreign trade enterprises, China Nuo has carefully prepared high-quality overseas space for foreign trade enterprises, so that foreign trade enterprises can stand on the overseas high-speed. The focus of chemical industry structure adjustment is the stable operation of product structure adjustment and raw material structure adjustment. Let the world access your station quickly, and let your station bring you more orders

Sino Nuo invested US $1.8 million in 2007 to jointly build an additional Sino Nuo American computer room with Dallas computer room, which ranks first in the world. The computer room covers an area of about 1200 square meters and can accommodate about 10000 machines. It can be said that Zhongnuo American computer room inherits the high-quality management and advanced computer room management system of Dallas computer room, and formulates and provides the best American server solution for Asian customers (especially in Chinese Mainland)

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