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Qunfeng machinery: Aiming at the sanitation market to develop intelligent devices

Qunfeng machinery: Aiming at the sanitation market to develop intelligent devices

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2015 third quarter Quanzhou City, Fujian Province quarterly conference was recently held in Nan'an City. At the peak of its main business, one of the enterprises was in a new field that had never been involved in transformation and development, and came from behind and achieved a certain performance within a certain tolerance range. This company is Qunfeng machinery

Qunfeng machinery was founded in 1995. In its early years, it was specialized in the production and sales of construction machinery and equipment such as concrete block production line and aerated block production line. When the real estate industry is developing in full swing, the company's construction machinery and equipment sell particularly well. At its peak, the annual output value of the company reached 300million yuan

at an international machinery exhibition held in Germany in 2007, Xu Jinshan, chairman of Qunfeng machinery, was impressed by a German made road sweeper. This sweeper showed a high level of cleaning function. Compared with the situation of dust everywhere when domestic equipment was working at that time, Xu Jinshan saw the development prospect. After returning to China, his team did market research and analysis, and since 2008, set up a project to develop sanitation cleaning equipment

in the exhibition hall of Qunfeng machinery, the author saw that the left and right sides were respectively placed with building brick machinery equipment and environmental sanitation product equipment. Zhang Jianhai, assistant general manager of the company, introduced the characteristics of each product one by one. At present, the environmental sanitation equipment produced by Qunfeng machinery includes 12 series and dozens of models, such as road electric sweeper, multi-functional high-pressure cleaning vehicle, high-level self loading and unloading garbage truck, among which many products are the first in China, covering road cleaning, cleaning, washing, garbage collection, transportation, treatment, etc

in the vehicle assembly workshop of the company, Zhang anyanyanyjianhai specially introduced one of the full hydraulic road sweepers. Based on the introduction of the most advanced road sweeper technology in Europe, this product is developed through digestion and absorption, independent innovation, and fully owns independent intellectual property rights. The vehicle has good cleaning effect, can remove large particle road garbage, and has strong adaptability, making up for the defects that domestic road sweepers cannot clean large particle garbage and dust. At the same time, the sweeper drives the hydraulic motor through a single engine, and the full hydraulic system of the hydraulic motor realizes various functions such as walking and sweeping. The fuel consumption is far lower than that of similar domestic sweepers

in recent years, Qunfeng has invested more than 60 million yuan in scientific research funds, introduced a variety of environmental sanitation vehicle technologies from Germany, Italy, Finland and other European countries, introduced international advanced production equipment, and worked with Tsinghua University, Hunan University, Fuzhou University and other universities to develop new products of environmental sanitation equipment. Even when the annual output value of the enterprise fell to a low of more than 100million yuan, Qunfeng machinery did not give up its scientific research investment

now the company has more than 60 professional technical R & D personnel in machinery, hydraulics, electronics, automotive and building materials, and has established good cooperative relations with many universities and scientific research institutions such as Fujian Academy of Building Sciences and Liaoning Institute of building materials science, which can carry out the R & D and design of various large-scale electromechanical hydraulic integration non-standard products according to the needs of customers

Xu Jinshan said that in the field of environmental sanitation equipment, Qunfeng machinery is an enterprise that started late, and it is difficult to catch up from behind in terms of scale. Therefore, the company first focuses on the research and development of new products from the aspects of products and technology, and realizes overtaking on curves through the combination of strong and strong. For example, the water purification vehicle developed by the company in cooperation with Xiamen Lvchuang technology, and the emergency vehicle developed in cooperation with Quanzhou xianchuang power, which can identify various abrasive materials and components, are intelligent sanitation equipment with high information technology content, market prospects and wide applications

it is understood that in recent years, the annual amount of urban garbage in China is increasing at a rate of nearly 3%. In addition, the sanitation infrastructure in suburban and rural areas is weak, and the operating capacity of sanitation machinery is obviously insufficient, which is far from the requirements of urbanization development. As an important part of the sanitation industry, sanitation machinery has great development potential

"at present, the domestic environmental sanitation industry market has reached 30billion to 50billion yuan. For Qunfeng machinery, the development of intelligent environmental sanitation equipment will be a huge development opportunity and a sharp weapon for Qunfeng to seize market share." According to Zhang Jianhai, in response to the call of the national and provincial governments at all levels to develop intelligent manufacturing, Qunfeng is developing an driverless sweeper, and the scheme has basically taken shape. In the future, the company will also transform the assembly workshop into an unmanned workshop and build an intelligent spray assembly production line

in terms of market promotion, Qunfeng machinery established a cleaning company to extend the industrial chain to the field of cleaning and sanitation engineering. Today, its products have gone abroad to compete in the global sanitation market

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