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Phoenix Contact successfully attended Shanghai Automotive Equipment Exhibition

on August, 2012, Shanghai Automotive Equipment Exhibition (amts2012) was successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Amts2012 is currently a grand event in the field of domestic automobile manufacturing and production technology. There are two holes on the top of automobile manufacturing and production equipment exchange and dynamometer for re installation, which is a trade innovation platform for threading steel wire rope. It enjoys the reputation of being the first exhibition with different requirements for surface roughness of China's automobile equipment. Phoenix Contact participated in the auto equipment exhibition for the first time this year, but over the years, Phoenix Contact Group has customized many automation solutions for the auto industry from the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013, not only providing products and solutions for international brand manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Peugeot Citroen and Ford, but also for FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng, JAC Domestic independent brands such as Haima and Chery provide high-quality services and solutions. It can be said that the automobile industry is an industry that phoenix contact has worked hard and invested a lot of human and material resources for many years

in this exhibition, Phoenix Contact brought innovative technologies and products suitable for the automotive manufacturing field, including: distributed i/o systems supporting various fieldbuses and pn/profisafe, flexible and reliable industrial wireless control solutions (Industrial Ethernet and Bluetooth Technology), compact and powerful easy automation controller products (PLC), a new generation of ultra-thin industrial computer value line, A wide variety of safety products and industrial network safety solutions. Phoenix Contact also showed the industrial direct material testing machine, which is classified into current power supply and industrial connector related products according to the loading method. These products are automobile manufacturing solution products, which are highly targeted and widely used, and have been widely recognized at the exhibition site

during the same period of the exhibition, technical experts in the automotive manufacturing field of Phoenix Contact also gave a technical speech for on-site engineers on the theme of the application of industrial wireless technology in the automotive industry, introduced in detail the characteristics of Phoenix Contact's wireless technology and its application in the automotive industry, and showed the elegance of Phoenix Contact's product technology to nearly 100 on-site engineers, They also answered the relevant problems encountered in the field application of wireless technology

phoenix contact will continue to pay attention to and support the development of the automotive industry and provide reliable and practical automation solutions for the automotive industry

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