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Bang released financial risk control big data products and became an industry innovation leader

on September 20, 2017, the big data risk control new force Bang financial risk control big data product press conference was grandly held in Shanghai Guoxin Zijinshan hotel. China Merchants Bank, Bank of communications, Suning finance, group loan, Samoye financial services, paipaixin, MIMO financial services, buyingxia, cash bus, loan, light orange technology and other excellent industry representatives, as well as nearly 200 financial experts gathered together to witness the smooth holding of this grand event

the conference released a big data product of state financial risk control, which attracted much attention. Another is some super hard data: state second climb, state second match and collection reminder. These three products rely on state's own strong data analysis ability and massive data reserves, aiming to provide accurate data support for financial institutions and effectively reduce overdue risks

build a number ecosystem to create a new force in risk control

Mao Yujian, the founder and CEO of bang, first reviewed with the guests the efforts made by bang on the road of building a safe, reliable and efficient number ecosystem. The number ecosystem built by Bang has connected manufacturers, software manufacturers, operators and the Ministry of industry and information technology. In the nearly six years since its establishment, Bang has been working with mainstream domestic manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, oppo, vivo, ZTE, Jinli, Meizu, etc, And bat and other software companies, as well as the three major operators of China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom, have reached in-depth cooperation, provided accurate data support to relevant government departments, jointly built a code service promotion group with the China Academy of information and communications of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and jointly built a number security supervision platform with the Ministry of industry and information technology 12321

Mao Yujian said that as a number information service provider based on big data, Bang has successfully built the most complete and accurate number library in China by relying on the self-developed number special search engine and data processing system, and is committed to creating a safe call environment for the public, providing customers with the most valuable number information services, and jointly creating a healthy number ecological environment with partners. As long as it is in the field related to numbers, it is the field that bond services should reach, and the Internet financial industry is the key service field

(Mao Yujian, founder and CEO of Bang)

Liu Qiang, vice president of bang, said that at present, due to the low cost of fraud, difficult punishment, and repeated dishonesty and fraud, how to enhance the level of risk prevention has become the key to the healthy development of the industry for the rapid development of the Internet financial industry. In view of the current situation of Internet risk control, number ecosystem builder Bang took the lead in applying number big data to the field of risk control

Liu Qiang gb/t18477 (2) 001 "unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double wall corrugated pipes for buried drainage" said that with the development of mobile Internet, traditional risk control methods can no longer meet the needs of the industry. Big data risk control began to occupy an absolute advantage with the characteristics of wide coverage, multiple dimensions and high efficiency, while call data has become an important part of big data risk control with its rich information value. At the meeting, Liu Qiang passed bonsec climb The three financial big data products, bonsec distribution and collection points, showed the participants the outstanding advantages of call data in depicting user portraits, identifying overdue risks, helping with risk pricing and analyzing repayment ability. The three products enriched Bong's financial risk control services, provided more accurate data support for financial institutions, and effectively reduced the overdue rate

(Liu Qiang, vice president of Bang)

SHEN Yude, COO of bang, analyzed the relationship between call data and financial risk control, and the future development prospects of call big data products. Shen Yude said that the number as an identity ID contains valuable information resources. Bang's core advantage is that it determines the production of environmental protection value number big data. The total amount of data in Bang's own number library exceeds 1.2 billion, and the daily number query volume exceeds 2.5 billion, It has collected 85million enterprise yellow page data and 30million tag data, and maintained a daily update rate of 3.5 million, with more than one million thematic data in the number library

these self owned data are the strong support of bang financial risk control big data products, and also the biggest difference between bang and other financial risk control companies. Generally, financial risk control companies use external crawling data, while Bang itself has the largest and most complete number database, and has many years of professional data processing ability and experience. These exclusive advantages have established the status of innovation leader in Bang industry

(bang coo Shen Yude)

Bang provides integrated solutions for financial institutions based on its own data collection, cleaning, translation and analysis capabilities. In just one year of reaching the Internet financial industry, it has reached in-depth cooperation with nearly 20 excellent internet financial companies, such as Suning financial, group loan, Qianbao, micro loan, cash bus, paipai loan, Renren loan, Samoye financial Well known enterprises such as bairongjinfu are using Bang's Bang second climbing, bang second distribution and collection sub products

among them, as a strategic partner of bang, liufangfang, a risk control expert of group loan, shared the development trend of the Internet financial industry from the most professional perspective, and showed the practical application effect of bang Dun points. Liu Fangfang said that after using Bang Dun points, the KS value and AUC value of group loan reached 0.47 and 0.74. These data showed that the practical application value of Dun points was very prominent, providing a practical guarantee for group loans to reduce the overdue rate, It also strengthened the determination of the group loan to further deepen cooperation with the state

(group loan risk control expert liufangfang)

call big data to build a new ecosystem of financial risk control

the round table forum session of the conference revolved around call big data to build a new ecosystem of financial risk control. The forum was presided over by Shen Yude, COO of bang. Cao Kaiyue, CDO of MIMO financial services, Lin Chenyan, director of pataxin, Jia Cheng, director of risk control of shallow orange technology, Yang Guanguan, director of financial risk control of Suning, and Liu Qiang, vice president of bang participated in this brainstorming, Several guests analyzed the development trend of cash loans and consumer finance from a professional perspective, and discussed the application and value of call data in the field of risk control

Cao Kaiyue, CDO of MIMO financial, said that MIMO realized the importance of call data in depicting user portraits very early, and the depiction and analysis of user social situations is an important part of risk control, so MIMO very much agrees with Bang's financial big data products

Lin Chenyan, the director of Pat letter, said that after learning that bang applied number big data to the field of risk control, they did not hesitate to choose to cooperate with Bang and became the first company to use Bang second distribution, because pat letter also realized the value of call big data very early and specially set up an internal team to carry out this work

with regard to the problem in the field of fraud prevention of financial institutions, Jia Cheng, director of risk control of shallow orange technology, shared that the application of big data in fraud prevention is becoming more and more mature, but the truth is better than the devil, and the means of criminals are constantly being renovated, so financial institutions need more fraud prevention products to deal with, and Bang's innovation in this area just provides security for financial institutions

Yang Guanjun, director of risk control of Suning finance, also said that in the risk control work of Suning finance, the central bank's credit investigation is the first, followed by the financial risk control big data products provided by bong

when discussing the value of call data in the development of the Internet financial industry, Liu Qiang, vice president of bang, said that how to truly maximize the value of call data is an era proposition that all industries should consider. As the builder of the number ecosystem, bang needs to constantly explore and seek more situational applications

(press conference round table forum)

at this meeting, the release of bang financial risk control big data products and the recognition of bang products by industry heavyweight enterprises fully confirmed the status of bang as an innovation leader in the industry. In the future, big data through numbers will bring more comprehensive and in-depth services to enterprises and users, and make the safe, reliable and efficient number ecosystem more perfect

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