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Phoenix Contact released a new foundation fieldbus product

Phoenix Contact's growing process infrastructure product family has joined two new members, and this product family has been able to provide solutions to almost all process automation problems. The researchers of the new preset set found that the final materials include 5 (1) 00 nm thin sheets made of lignin and baby hearing testing equipment. The prospect is promising. The high modulus rubber interface junction box makes it easier to connect and protect process instruments, and the redundant fieldbus power supply can prevent downtime in key applications

at the work site, the components are wrapped in stainless steel and aluminum shells to realize backbone connection, termination, surge protection, flexible shielding and easy connection. It is used to select the type and number of modular equipment couplers according to the requirements of hazardous conditions and isolation. Fb-2sp or fb-sio can be used. In this way, because the volume will not be too large, the minimization of the box is realized, and the installation cost is saved. At the same time, the one-to-one correspondence between the coupler and the instrument also improves the operation performance

in the control box, the redundant power supply can be connected and signal processed based on each segment module, which not only saves the box space and reduces the space cost, but also improves the perfection of the overall process. The power mode foam granulator block uses automatic current balance (aci. open loop control b) technology and preventive function monitoring technology with integrated remote display and communication function in each module

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