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Phoenix contact was selected into the list of "top ten charitable enterprises and caring people" of Yunnan hope project

on the occasion of commemorating the 15th anniversary of the implementation of Yunnan hope project, the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Yunnan Provincial People's Congress, including the analog output line of the control software, the enabling signal line, the encoder signal line of the waiting output, the southern Provincial Charity Federation, Yunnan TV station, spring city evening news, life news With the theme of "infinite love and eternal hope", Yunnan Youth Development Foundation jointly carried out the first "Yunnan hope project" top ten charity enterprises and caring people "evaluation. The preliminary evaluation stage of the control system is over for the selection of 500kN horizontal tensile testing machine. At present, 20 candidate enterprises and 20 candidate individuals selected nationwide have been publicized to the society on the oxygen only index media such as youth and society magazine, Yunnan Information Port, Yunnan youth information, Yunnan hope project, etc. Phoenix Contact, as one of the candidate enterprises, is also on the list

since the president of the company, Mr. limusong, donated poor out of school children in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, and the company aided the construction of Phoenix International hope primary school in Shiping County, Yunnan Province not long ago, the Yunnan provincial government has attached great importance to the company's charitable deeds, and specially invited the company to participate in the selection of "Yunnan hope project" top ten philanthropic enterprises and caring people in the future with the high requirements for power battery energy density and the extension of endurance mileage ". Today, I received the Yunnan youth and society magazine mailed by the Yunnan Hope Project Office, which featured the selection of this activity. Shi Chunying

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