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Phoenix Contact China grandly held the 2006 Annual Conference

on April 8, 2006, Phoenix Contact China held the 2006 annual conference at its headquarters in Nanjing. More than 100 distinguished guests, including experts and scholars from the field of electrical automation, attended the press conference. They were Mr. Zhu sendi, vice president of the Machinery Industry Federation, academician Dai Ruwei, President of the China automation society, academician sun Youxian of Zhejiang University, researcher sun Bolin, vice president of the China Automation society, Academician Wu Hongxin of the aerospace 502 Institute of standards related to municipal infrastructure construction, Mr. Dong Jingchen, Deputy Secretary General of the China instrumentation industry association Hu Jun, deputy chief designer of the 502 Research Institute of the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Jin Yihui, Professor of the Department of automation of Tsinghua University, Gong Bingzheng, senior consultant of the national informatization evaluation center, Huang Buyu, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec engineering construction company, Wang Changli, president of Beijing Hollysys Systems Engineering Co., Ltd., Ms. Xiong Juxiu, chief engineer of Zhejiang University, Lin Wei, general manager of Beijing Yakong Technology Development Co., Ltd Dr. he benhu of Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd., president Luo Yi of Huazhong University of science and technology, president Zhang Hao of Shanghai Electric Power Institute, President Guo Zhiqiang of Tianjin Light Industry Vocational and technical college, etc. CCTV, China business daily, China Youth Daily, 21st Century Business Herald, industrial control, fogo media, automation Expo, control engineering, power equipment, metallurgical automation, communication power technology, power technology application and other more than 60 media across the country attended the meeting and reported the grand occasion. The theme of the press conference includes: the specific implementation and development of Phoenix Contact China tnccoc strategy in 2005; Phoenix Contact actively supports the development of national industries and the signing ceremony of its strategic cooperation projects; Phoenix Contact lithium battery related material production capacity is gradually transferred to China, while the technology of domestic leading enterprises continues to improve. Statistical analysis of group patterns is carried out, and new products, new technologies and new concepts are released. Professor Li Musong, President of Phoenix Contact China, Gu Jiandang, general manager, and Dr. Du Pinsheng, R & D director, introduced the delegates respectively

in his speech, President Li Musong introduced the specific implementation of the global strategy tnccoc of Phoenix Contact Group by Chinese companies in 2005 and the great progress made by Chinese companies in the highly competitive environment: "Sales continue to maintain a healthy and rapid growth, and the introduction of many new products has maintained a strong innovation ability; the growth of Phoenix Contact China has more than doubled that of the group company. Phoenix Contact and Siemens have jointly launched PROFINET, and Phoenix Contact China has launched the world's first set of large-scale automation software in Chinese, giving real support to Chinese customers. Siemens is connected with phoenix contact The signing of the cooperation agreement on terminals and overvoltage protection products makes the cooperation between Phoenix Contact and Siemens have a new connotation after the development and promotion of PROFINET; Phoenix Contact China was selected as the "top 100 of China's electric industry", and was awarded the "top 500 of China's most competitive high growth entrepreneurial enterprises", "national special contribution award for corporate culture construction", "national customer satisfaction unit", "national enterprise excellent Media Award" at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, as well as the titles of "the best brand in China's first industry in 2005" and "national user trust brand", and with BASF Siemens won the "first annual Top Ten employers in Nanjing"... "Phoenix Contact's rapid development is based on the development of Chinese enterprises with a sense of historical mission and a sense of, and is an enterprise citizen who makes unremitting efforts to promote China's national industry..." Gu Jiandang's speech further explained the connotation of Phoenix Contact China's healthy development: a Chinese company and a Chinese team rooted in China, Only by serving China and the Chinese market can we remain prosperous. As for the future development of Phoenix Contact China, Dr. Du Pinsheng further explained that after Phoenix Contact entered China in 1993, it has developed from a single connector manufacturer to a supplier of comprehensive industrial automation solutions. While making every effort to build a R & D and technological innovation platform and constantly launching new products, A new concept of industrial automation was launched this year

as a medium-sized enterprise growing up in China as a multinational company, Phoenix Contact China has made remarkable achievements in 2005 since it became one of the three global competitiveness centers in the tnccoc strategy of Phoenix Contact Group, creating another new development milestone: the specific implementation of the tnccoc strategy has begun to take shape, which has led to rapid growth in sales performance, rapid improvement of the company's image, and high ranking in the industry

Phoenix Contact China company, while continuously developing at a high speed, actively performs the social responsibility of being a corporate citizen: supporting the development of education, promoting national industries, and promoting the upgrading of national industries

the growth and development of an enterprise cannot be just survival and profit-making. Just as a person in the world cannot be just for survival and pleasure, the mission and sense of an enterprise are also like the survival value of a tree: bathing in the sun and absorbing nutrients, beautifying the environment and sheltering the wind and rain, Repay the earth... The refined oil of Maozhan refining and chemical base can be piped to zhusanjiao and the southwest market. It should be said that this is the core value of Phoenix Contact China team: create a better future with a grateful heart and hard-working hands

at the meeting, representatives of Phoenix Contact China signed project cooperation agreements with strategic partners: Zhejiang University central control, Huazhong University of science and technology and Tianjin Vocational and Technical College of light industry, and presented strategic cooperation commemorative cups to China Institute of automation, Shanghai Electric Power Institute and the above-mentioned enterprises and schools. The media and distinguished guests at the meeting witnessed this important moment

finally, media from all over the country raised questions about the development of Phoenix Contact China, corporate society, strategic cooperation, new product launch, etc. president Li Musong, general manager of Gu Jiandang, Dr. Du Pinsheng, chairman Dai Ruwei, chief engineer Xiong Juxiu, president Zhang Hao, President Guo Zhiqiang, and Mr. Luo Yi gave wonderful answers

relevant people believe that this press conference announced that Phoenix Contact China has taken a successful big step in the implementation of its globalization strategy; In its own development and social behavior, it has innovative planning, shoulders the mission of national and national development, and spares no effort to revitalize national industries. Its role as a corporate citizen has been recognized and accepted by the public; It can be said that a large number of excellent enterprises represented by Phoenix Contact China are actively working to create a harmonious and healthy society and the prosperity and development of China's economy

at the "leading enterprises promote China (New Industrialization)" high-level forum at the "China automation industry century Tour" (caie) event evening, President Li Musong of Phoenix Contact China delivered a keynote speech to the participating media and distinguished guests on behalf of one of the six leading enterprises in the automation industry

at the subsequent awards ceremony of major events, figures, annual new products and engineering papers in the field of automation in China in 2005, Phoenix Contact China was selected as the person of the year by Dr. Du Pinsheng

at the first registered ASE certification ceremony in 2006, more than 600 engineers received registered ASE, and 10 representatives came to the site to receive certificates. As the first enterprise to recognize ASEA, Phoenix Contact China congratulates all professionals who have obtained the registered ASE, and will give priority to senior technicians who have obtained the registered ASE qualification certificate

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