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Phoenix Contact OEM forum shares the concept of "industry 4.0"

on November, 2013, the 7th Mechanical Design Technology Summit Forum 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the OEM Forum) was grandly held in the e1-m16 conference room of the National Sales International Expo Center. As a co organizer, Phoenix Contact gathered with famous enterprises such as Intel, Siemens, Schneider Electric and abb to share the development status of the OEM industry with thousands of experts and users in the machinery industry and sort out the development ideas of the OEM industry

German industry and scientific research circles believe that the fourth industrial revolution is coming after the steam age, the electrical age and the information age, and they named this era industry 4.0. Since the concept of industry 4.0 was introduced at the Hannover Industrial Expo in April, 2013, it has attracted strong attention from the manufacturing industry. The tide of intelligence led by industry 4.0 has swept the manufacturing market. At this year's OEM forum, industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and other topics undoubtedly became hot spots

At the beginning of the forum, Mr. Zhu Wei, vice president of Phoenix Contact China, delivered a speech as the leader of the co organizer, introducing the business development profile of the German Phoenix Contact Group and the Chinese company. At the same time, he emphasized that as an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry, Phoenix Contact and the German information technology, communication, New Media Association, VDMA German machinery and equipment manufacturing industry federation, ZVEI German electrical and electronic manufacturers association and other organizations jointly actively explore and promote the development of industry 4.0, which is a good start for this industry feast around industry 4.0

at the two forums of machine control and machine safety, Mr. Yao Gang and miss Xue Xiaoqin of Phoenix Contact marketing department introduced the mode of industry 4.0 from the standpoint of important participants and promoters of industry 4.0 respectively, Due to the application of electronic devices in the machinery manufacturing industry, the amount of bridging agent or bridging agent added to SEBS foaming materials will be slightly more than that of general EVA foaming materials. In the transition from traditional safety relays to configurable safety systems, the design process of machine equipment safety related systems and new methods to realize the new safety functions of safety products

industry 4.0 is a concept, and it should be an era that all manufacturing enterprises jointly participate in the pilot, including PICC Property Insurance, Ping an automobile firmware safety property insurance and Pacific Property Insurance. Phoenix contact will play its own advantages, base itself on itself and make its own contributions to this era

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