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Phoenix Contact's new energy proposition: connecting smart wind power editor's note: the Chinese whispered: the Europeans are coming. The European whispered: the Chinese are coming. In some industries, there is indeed a gap between China and Europe. In the wind power industry, perhaps because of the role of wind, the development needs of the East and the advanced technology of the West have been integrated at once. Phoenix contact is one of the outstanding representatives who brought this whirlwind into China. With the world's leading technologies in electrical connection, electronic interface, industrial automation and surge protection, Phoenix Contact China not only introduced this trend to China, but also integrated it with Chinese 3. System accuracy: less than 0.5% and local innovation, and developed a complete solution for fan electric control system

in recent years, the global wind energy market has developed rapidly at a rate of more than 40% every year, and China has become the world's most important wind energy market after Europe and the United States with rich wind farm resources and strong government support for new energy development. When Don Quixote rode a donkey and waved his sword to the windmill, he probably didn't expect that this behemoth standing in front of him would be tamed by humans and become a new force of modern industry hundreds of years later

how to seize the unique opportunities brought by the development of wind power in the context of the global economic crisis and the future development direction of China's wind turbine electronic control technology? Recently, more than 100 experts in the field of wind power and users gathered in Beijing to participate in the "Symposium on electrical control, connection technology and lightning protection of wind turbines" hosted by the China Wind Energy Association and co organized by Phoenix Contact China, to jointly explore the development pace and direction of the wind power industry to maintain its "Youth", as well as the innovative technology and experience brought by Phoenix Contact China to wind power users

the participants of this seminar are Wind Power Association experts, wind turbine manufacturers, component manufacturers or wind farm operators who have worked in the wind power industry for decades. The forum, held the day before the Asian Wind Energy Conference, can be regarded as the wind vane of the wind energy event and has a great influence on the development of wind turbine control technology

The forum brought together many heavyweights in the field of wind energy, including researcher hedexin, vice president of China Renewable Energy Society and President of China Wind Energy Association, Professor Shi Pengfei, vice president of China Wind Energy Association, and Mr. Gu Jiandang, general manager of Phoenix Contact China. In addition, Dr. Du Pinsheng, deputy general manager of Phoenix Contact R & D Engineering Center, Mr. Ding Xiaohua, general manager of marketing department, and mt146, the performance standard of electric (anchor) metal rod and its accessories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who has many years of practical experience in electric control of wind energy equipment (2) researcher xuhonghua and famous lightning protection expert Guan Xiangshi senior engineer of 011 Institute of engineering, and Mr. Carsten Wagener, global wind power industry manager of Phoenix Contact, were all present. As the topic of the forum said: wind turbine electrical control, connection technology and lightning protection, several theme reports are carried out layer by layer around this, including all aspects of wind power technology, from the application of modern communication technology in the wind turbine control system, to the requirements and settings of the safe circuit of the wind turbine, from the energy distribution and signal conversion of the control system, to the lightning protection requirements and solutions of the wind turbine electrical system. Although the author is an "outsider" in the wind energy industry, he can't feel the diaphragm. Phoenix Contact China played a video specially made for the wind energy pa/pe alloy industry at the venue, supplemented by a product display wall standing at the wall, which makes the author feel that the wind power technology is not only visible, audible, but also touchable

vice president of China Renewable Energy Society Researcher hedexin, President of China Wind Energy Association, opened the curtain of the Forum: "Twenty or thirty years ago, China began the research of wind power. At that time, there were few employees, distributed in remote mountain areas such as Xinjiang, Gansu and Inner Mongolia, and the opportunity to meet and communicate was rare. This time, I was happy to see so many wind power peers, but I was also very pleased with the development of wind power in China. However, I have to face the fact that the development of wind power has reached a critical moment. China has proposed the construction of tens of millions of wind power The planning of watt level wind power base requires wind power technology to be in line with international standards, pay attention to power generation, improve capacity coefficient, increase the reliability and utilization of fan equipment, and reduce maintenance and repair costs. " There was only a "Shua Shua" recording sound left in the venue...

researcher hedexin, vice president of China Renewable Energy Society and President of China Wind Energy Association

as the reporter of the forum, the author was fortunate to have a zero distance communication with many speakers after the meeting, hoping to provide more valuable information for friends through his own efforts

the current competitive environment faced by wind power manufacturing enterprises is not optimistic. In 2008, there were more than 70 wind power machine manufacturing enterprises, each with a production capacity of at least 500000 kW. Researcher hedexin analyzed the development priorities in the wind power industry chain: "Wind power has been growing exponentially in recent years. In 2008, the growth rate of wind turbines was affected by GDP, but it also exceeded 80%, and the localization rate has exceeded 70%. If the wind energy industry wants to grow healthily and continuously, it is necessary to complete the construction of industrial system and industrial chain. Wind energy is an industry involving many fields, including aerodynamics, electricity, meteorology, environment, materials, process manufacturing technology, etc., and the industrial chain involves There are a wide range of upstream and downstream enterprises. Now we can only say that the wind energy industry chain is in the process of forming. Among them, the whole machine manufacturing enterprises account for a large proportion, and there are some parts manufacturers. Everyone believes that this industry is a sunrise industry with good development prospects. They flock to it one after another, expecting to bring more benefits and seek new profit growth points. At present, about 10 leading manufacturers in the world account for 80% of the global market share. In terms of China's market share, the three major manufacturers and the newly developed manufacturers account for 90% of the market share. In the future, there is likely to be an adjustment of market share to achieve a more balanced development. Another point is the improvement of the enterprise's own level to ensure the reliability of products and the performance of the whole machine. Domestic fan products can not completely replace foreign products, and there are still many technical problems. In today's situation of world economic integration, the integrity of China's wind power industry chain is not necessarily complete localization, and the industrial chain can be expanded and completed with the help of international forces. This more requires a common and integration of Chinese and foreign corporate culture to jointly promote the development of industry and the effectiveness of integration to promote exchanges. "

Mr. Wu Gang, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd., mentioned at the Asian Wind Energy Conference held the next day: "At present, the primary task of Goldwind is to further improve the product quality of Goldwind, enhance reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. Now investors and operators pay more attention to the purchase price of products. In the whole life cycle, maintenance costs account for 40% to 70%, which is mainly determined by product quality and maintenance quality." This is the best reflection of researcher he's overall view on the problem of improving the level of wind power enterprises. Only phoenix contact, a company with long-term technology accumulation and excellent product quality, can enrich and improve China's wind power industry chain, help wind power equipment manufacturers improve product quality and minimize maintenance costs


Phoenix Contact's development in the field of wind power has maintained a consistent insight and penetration as accurate as X-ray, leading similar enterprises from the starting line. Sinovel, Dongqi, Jinfeng, Vestas, gamesa and Ge energy are all the most important partners of Phoenix Contact

Gu Jiandang, general manager of Phoenix Contact China, made a speech

Mr. Gu Jiandang, general manager of Phoenix Contact China, said: "We are very lucky to participate in the initial development process of the wind power industry. When users are still unclear about the development of the industry, we not only provide users with complete technology, but also act as users' partners and consulting experts, participate in users' initial project plans, and help users develop rapidly. Becoming the most trusted supplier in the wind power field is our ultimate goal."

"The support and services we provide are divided into three parts: first, we continue to innovate in professional technology, and our technology and product reliability are second to none in the industry. Second, since 2000, Phoenix Contact engineers have gone to the site with users to understand the special needs of the harsh environment of the wind power industry and improve the system scheme, which can well match the needs of the special environment. Third, our research and development The construction of technology platform enables us to launch appropriate products in the shortest time according to the changeable market environment. We are based on the perspective of industry, application, environment and users, not just from the perspective of the product itself. " Mr. Gu Jiandang spared no effort to lead the company to provide more advanced technologies and solutions for the wind energy industry

at the same time, Mr. Gu also expressed the company's determination to continue to pay attention to the wind energy industry: "Phoenix contact will maintain its grasp of the macro development trend of the wind power industry, so that the organization's arrangement and business model can always meet the requirements of industrial development. On this basis, it will continue to innovate, and the future innovation speed may be faster than we think. Phoenix Contact's strong investment in R & D makes us never afraid of the challenges brought by innovation. China's future development of the wind power industry is somewhat in line with the development pace of the world Similarities and differences, based on its rich experience in Europe and China, ensure that phoenix contact can continuously bring the best solutions to Chinese users. "

During the rest of the meeting, the participants either discussed the development momentum of the leading enterprises in the wind power industry in groups or stopped in front of the product demonstration wall of Phoenix Contact to watch. The learning atmosphere was extremely strong. After the rest, the communication with Dr. Du Pinsheng, Mr. Ding Xiaohua and Mr. Carsten Wagener deepened the author's understanding of the development status of wind power and the company's market strategy

according to Mr. Ding, phoenix contact has three leading peers Better features: "Generally speaking, wind power is still an emerging industry in China. In the west, wind power has formed a complete industrial system, and the system in China is still in the process of construction, so we have the opportunity to do our part. First, phoenix contact has more than 30000 kinds of products, and the common rib coordination gap is difficult to adjust products, which can be selected by users and has overall strength in the field of automation. Second, for the wind power equipment alliance , phoenix contact has unique advantages in using Ethernet to promote the information communication of the whole wind farm. In addition, now we have developed a wide range of solutions, such as control cabinet with control system as the core, electrical solutions, power supply technology, lightning protection technology and so on. "

with regard to the application of modern communication technology in the fan control system, President Du pointed out: "communication and control are gradually improving

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