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Phoenix Contact unveiled miconex2012 with four safety concepts. On August 21 and 24, 2012, MICONEX, a multinational Instrument Exhibition, will be grandly held in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall. MICONEX is the most important event in the measurement and control, instrumentation and automation industry in China and Asia. Phoenix contact has appeared on the stage of MICONEX for many years. Every time, Phoenix Contact carries its innovative products, cutting-edge technologies and forward-looking market ideas to communicate with friends in the industry. This miconex2012 is no exception. Phoenix contact will bring the overall solutions of power supply safety, connection safety, protection safety and intrinsic safety to show and introduce Phoenix Contact's excellent industrial solutions and comprehensive strength to friends in many industries, such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, coal, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, rail transit, automobile, new energy, light industry and so on

power supply safety: the function of long fiber materials is no longer selected like that of all glass or all carbon fiber composites. Phoenix contact has launched a DC UPS power supply safety scheme using SFB, ACB, IQ and other technologies respectively. SFB is a selective trigger technology, ACB is a current dynamic balance technology when 24u switching power supply is connected in parallel, IQ is an intelligent battery monitoring technology of UPS, and the above technologies can better maintain the safety of power supply

connection security: Phoenix Contact has launched push in technology, QT, speedcon and other security connection technologies. Push in technology is a direct plug-in connection technology, which is the most efficient and convenient connection method applied in the field of industrial connection technology at present; QT is a fast wire stripping free technology; Speedcon is a thread quick connect technology. The above technologies can greatly save wiring time and achieve safety and efficiency

protection and safety: Phoenix Contact has always been the market leader in lightning protection and surge protection technology. The lm-s lightning monitoring system and high-performance surge protector exhibited in this exhibition can maximize the protection of equipment and systems from electromagnetic interference and lightning, and ensure protection safety. Among them, lm-s lightning monitoring system won the Hermes technological innovation award with the reputation of Oscar in the industry at the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo. At the same time, phoenix contact has also launched explosion-proof boxes with high protection levels for the process industry

intrinsic safety: Phoenix Contact's new safety barriers and safety relays are widely used in the fields of intrinsic safety and functional safety. In this exhibition, we will show products with innovative connection technology and compact space design. SABIC will show you some new 3D printing aircraft interiors, seats, etc. to provide fast and simple solutions for your security SABIC

in addition, this exhibition is also the first time that phoenix contact has teamed up with its subsidiary kW software to make an appearance in MICONEX. As the world's leading IEC61131 software provider, kW software will display security technology solutions, including security PLC solutions, to share the charm of software technology with the audience

exhibition information:

the 23rd China International measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition (MIC can very effectively control the reflection/emission of infrared radiation. One5 gold tool torque detection equipment is used for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches, and can also carry out the torsional strength test of all kinds of parts and wrenches. Adding corresponding accessories can also carry out the torsional strength test of parts and components.X 2012)

location: Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall, No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area

time: August, 2012

Phoenix Contact booth No.: A235

Phoenix Contact sincerely welcomes you

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