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Wangyihong, the representative of China's automobile industry -- let the dream set sail with practical actions

on June 19, 2013, the "track of casting dreams - the 60th anniversary of the birth of new China's automobile industry" activity sponsored by the people's society and the people was grandly held in the report hall of the people's society complex building. With the theme of "the track of casting dreams", the event reviewed the ups and downs of China's automobile industry in the past 60 years, and selected and commended 30 outstanding people who have been committed to the development of China's automobile industry. Wang Yihong, chairman of Liaoning weipeng Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., won the gold award of "outstanding people in China's automobile industry in the past 60 years"

wangyihong is an entrepreneur with rich experience in channel construction and excellent leadership in the field of automobile sales. He started from "0" and led the rapid development of weipeng company. In recent years, he has implemented a series of major reforms and adjustments, which have rapidly expanded weipeng and greatly improved its core competitiveness, making weipeng company one of the leading enterprises in the sales of domestic cars and imported cars from the United States; He also attaches great importance to self-learning and improvement, has written many papers on automotive technology, and has continuously promoted the improvement of service quality and business level in the introduction of a number of advanced technologies, digestion and training of automotive sales service and maintenance talents

focusing on product expansion channels, weipeng company practiced "internal skill" hard.

when Wang Yihong changed her mind to advance and retreat with domestic automobile brands at the beginning of 2011, Wang Yihong took the lead in discovering the domestic automobile brands subordinate to BAIC group among the domestic brands. BAIC's subordinate brands, which have just developed for a period of time, have a firm foothold in the powerful automobile sales market and maintain their advantages in their respective market segments. Seeing this, Wang Yihong took the lead in winning BAIC's agent sales right in Northeast China. At the beginning of the cooperation with BAIC, Wang Yihong said that products are the foundation, channels and services are the guarantee. Only by making a solid foundation and guarantee can we win thousands of miles in the market. The product has been won. It depends on how we sell it and sell it well

on the basis of "awesome" products, Yu OPM became the first and only company to obtain FDA approval to produce 3D printed polymer implants. Weipeng company listed the vertical deepening of channel construction, mainly including cylindrical force sensor, spoke force sensor, s double hole sensor, 10 beam sensor and other types as an important measure for the company's steady development. In terms of overall thinking, weipeng insists on using the "1+n" strategy to carry out focused and hierarchical network development. In 2011, with Shenyang, Liaoning Province as the center, weipeng basically completed the construction of channels radiating from Shenyang and surrounding areas, achieving 100% coverage of key markets and more than 70% coverage of sub key markets, and achieving full coverage of publicity at the county and township levels. Through the successful experience of Liaoning Province, the sales network of the whole northeast region began to be laid out in early 2012, and entered the North China region this year

channel construction not only focuses on "quantity", but also on the improvement of service quality. The four service season activities of "spring outing", "thanksgiving", "cool autumn" and "warm winter", as well as the after-sales service skills competition covering the whole province, have effectively improved the service ability and service quality of weipeng distribution points at all levels, and won a good reputation for the brand

marketing has repeatedly made "strange moves". While weipeng practiced "external skills"

practised "internal skills", weipeng company also did not forget "external skills". Through a series of effective brand promotion and marketing means, it accelerated the full explosion of BAIC Weiwang in the Liaoning market and reputation, and ignited the consumer enthusiasm

in 2012, weipeng carried out extensive publicity according to BAIC group's "car owners go back to their parents' home" series activities. In the first and third quarter activities, he led hundreds of car owners to Beijing, the headquarters of BAIC group, visited the high-level production plants of Beijing Hyundai under BAIC, visited major scenic spots in the capital, and had close interaction with enterprises from zero distance. In the second quarter of the "back home" activity, car owners were invited to BAIC Hunan Zhuzhou production base, which could bring greater economic benefits to the factory, witnessed the birth of high-quality cars, and had an intuitive understanding of the enterprise's advanced production technology and first-class management level

weipeng spent the marketing expenses on the cognition and public praise of consumers, built a direct communication platform for car owners and enterprises through a series of activities of "car owners returning home", deepened the emotional bond between the brand and customers, and greatly improved the brand loyalty of users. It has also stimulated consumers' good word-of-mouth publicity for Weiwang in Liaoning

because of the "internal and external" hard work in products, channels, services and brand marketing, weipeng can always maintain the "steady growth" momentum in the micro growth market environment, and gradually surpass its competitors and become a leader in the same type. It can be confirmed from the data that the annual sales of Weiwang cars by weipeng company has increased significantly from 2000 in the first year of agency to 3100 in 2012, ranking the second in the top10 list of BAIC motor sales

at this grand ceremony, wangyihong said about the future development direction of automobile sales that "the development of the new era needs new sales ideas. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has clearly expressed the country's firm determination to environmental governance, and the development of new energy vehicles is bound to receive strong support from the country. We need to pay more attention to the relationship between automobile development and environmental protection. In the next few years, weipeng award will create a new development path of harmonious coexistence between automobile and environment in the field of new energy vehicles. The Internet + new energy vehicle industry alliance has been established, which covers the sales and leasing of new energy vehicles. The performance has been divided into basic performance and optional performance, and projects have been added; Increased the limit of hazardous materials; Modified and added the experimental method; The integrated industrial chain of leasing, finance, sharing and service for material utilization has been added. "

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