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WANGZHIZHONG, chairman of temporary engineering group: new opportunities, new situations and new developments WANGZHIZHONG, chairman of temporary engineering group: new opportunities, new situations and new developments

the main principals of Kunming Kunrong and Yunnan Jieao reviewed the development process of cooperation with temporary workers for more than ten years with the theme of "aspiring to temporary work and ensuring '3+2'". They can be described as walking in the same wind and rain, and made concerted efforts to achieve the goal of "world vision, global temporary work needs to use constant speed tensile testing machine characteristics and high-quality development". Chairman shenrongguang said that he was very lucky to get married with temporary workers. In the future, he will continue to work hard, continue to develop and cultivate, and make temporary workers' products from point to surface so that users can trust the temporary workers' brand more and boost the road of internationalization

reliable temporary work firm faith and continuous progress towards the goal

WANGZHIZHONG, chairman of temporary work group, stressed during the inspection that from the domestic and international situation and the industry situation, the brand concentration of loaders is increasing, and the share of domestic brands of excavators is rising, which provides a rare condition for the "3+2" to improve the goal. It is imperative to firmly seize this opportunity, be pragmatic, hard-working, steady, and give full play to the reliable temporary work spirit

chairman WANGZHIZHONG pointed out that although construction machinery is a traditional industry, the market prospect is still very considerable. It is necessary to have firm confidence in market development and do a good job in market operation. In the face of the market environment, we should not only add the experimental machine by ourselves according to the control and loading methods, but also be full of passion, seize the favorable opportunity of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and strive to find new growth points to ensure healthy operation and achieve high-quality development

segment market, strengthen innovation and win the "3+2" battle

chairman Wang Zhizhong proposed three steps for the future development of Kunming Kunrong and Yunnan Jieao company during his investigation

three steps

high traffic (or lower traffic) can be adopted. First, it is necessary to maintain the balanced development of the market and adhere to the "market segmentation" Accelerate the breakthrough of market share index, closely follow up market changes, and continuously enhance the influence of temporary work brand

second, we should strengthen innovation, transformation and upgrading, and further play and enhance the benchmarking role of temporary core channels

third, we should continue to maintain the belief of victory, focus on the market, strive for success, and resolutely win the "3+2" battle

the investigation and guidance of WANGZHIZHONG, chairman of Lingong group, further improved the confidence and determination of Yunnan market channels and regional personnel. In the face of new opportunities, new situations and new development, Yunnan region will surely hand in a satisfactory answer in 2019

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