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On October 24, 2019, Wang Xu, chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, visited the 16th China (Yuhuan) International Machine Tool Exhibition on his way back from the annual meeting of the modular machine tool branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association

the secret merchants of Yuhuan machine tool association are also worried about the group photo taken by zhanghuixiang, the chief judge of the bad review, Zhang Yu, the general manager of Taizhou Yijie CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Wang Xu, the chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and linzongsheng, the chairman of Zhejiang Zhongxing CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

at about 1:00 p.m., the exhibitors in the exhibition hall are still busy arranging the exhibition. Mr. Wang Xu came to the booths of two local exhibitors, Yuhuan Zhongxing and Taizhou Yijie, asked about the development of the enterprise, inspected the machine tool exhibits just positioned, and asked about the technical indicators and performance of the exhibits in detail. He said that in recent years, the private machine tool enterprises in Yuhuan have been transforming and upgrading rapidly, and have undertaken the important task of promoting the manufacturing industry to high-quality development. After a special understanding of the scale of future exhibitions, exhibitors and audience sources, Wang Xu affirmed the successful breakthrough made by Yuhuan machine tool exhibition as a local professional exhibition in directly facing the needs of users, product development with strong pertinence, and a high proportion of successful implementation after the exhibition. In addition, Wang Xu also encouraged local associations to act as a bridge and link, actively promote the development of Yuhuan machine tool industry, so as to better meet the changing market demand. Electromechanical, frequency converter and screw rod are also selected from world-famous brands for exhibition and progress

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