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Wang Xia, deputy to the National People's Congress, talks about major challenges and coping strategies in the chemical industry. At this stage, the quality, efficiency and benefit of the industry will be comprehensively improved, and a new situation of green development and high-end development will be formed; However, in order to achieve a new leap forward in high-quality development, the chemical industry still needs to focus on three challenges in the current complex international and domestic environment

the picture shows Wangxia, a deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Shanghai Huayi (Group) Co., Ltd., making a speech during the deliberation of the government work report

improving technological innovation ability and strengthening the construction of innovation system

technological innovation is the weakness of the development of China's chemical industry. At present, the output value of China's chemical industry has ranked first in the world, and the output of many products such as methanol, acetic acid, caustic soda and tires ranks first in the world. However, under the pressure of intensified resource and environmental constraints, rising factor costs and increasingly prominent structural contradictions, China's chemical industry as a whole is still at the middle and low end of the international division of labor, and there are a large number of key technologies in major key fields that are "stuck", For example, the field of new chemical materials which is most in urgent need of development in China. In 2018, the total output of major categories of new chemical materials in China was about 16million tons, the consumption was about 28million tons, and the self-sufficiency rate was about 64%, including polyoxymethylene, fluoropolymers, EVA, polyolefin elastomers and other materials, showing a prominent contradiction of "surplus of low-end products and lack of high-end products". In particular, the key materials required for integrated circuits with the highest import value include electronic silicon wafers, photoresist, molding resin Cleaning fluid and other key materials are almost completely dependent on imports. These products have high technical barriers, long customer certification cycle and high stickiness between suppliers and customers, making it very difficult to break through

to promote enterprise technological innovation, we must first promote enterprises to continuously increase investment in technological innovation. A breakthrough in high-end technology in the chemical industry, from project approval, small-scale test, pilot test to industrialization and profitability, has a long cycle and high risk. Taking methyl methacrylate (MMA) as an example, since 2004, Huayi Group has carried out research and development on process technology and catalyst for C4 line production technology. In 2006, it completed a 2000 t/a MAA industrial test device, in 2012, it completed a 2500 t/a MMA industrial test device, and in 2017, a 50000 T/a MMA industrialization device was put into operation. The basic work of 13 years of cutting was completed. Nevertheless, Huayi Group has continued to increase its investment in technological innovation in recent years, and its R & D intensity has continued to increase. Its R & D projects have continued to focus on the key links of the industrial chain. In recent years, Huayi Group has continuously broken through key core technologies such as MMA, acetic acid, acrylic acid, ethylene glycol, large gasification technology Huayi furnace, high-performance flexible display material pt853, and related businesses have also become the core of Huayi Group. Among them, Huayi Group has successfully developed a new generation of flexible display material pt853 through international cooperation, which has realized industrial production and become the first supplier in the world to realize industrialization and commercialization. Nevertheless, compared with the advantageous enterprises in Europe and the United States, we still have a large room for innovation. In the next few years, Huayi Group will further enhance the R & D investment intensity and increase the R & D investment in the core technology of the industrial chain

to promote the technological innovation of enterprises, we should strengthen the construction of enterprise innovation system. Huayi Group has continuously improved its R & D system and improved its R & D efficiency in recent years, including building a market-oriented door management system and promoting cross departmental networking, collaborative innovation and R & D. Promote the de administration of the Institute's organizational structure, implement the "project leader system" mode, enhance the market orientation of R & D projects, focus on the core technology research of the lack of chain technology in the industrial chain, build common technology platforms such as fluorochemicals, catalytic hydrogenation and carbonyl synthesis, establish a coal-based Polygeneration and computational chemistry and chemical engineering technology center, establish a Huayi technology solutions (HTS) platform, and realize the concentration of R & D resources, The science and technology resources of the whole group are gathered in Huayi science and technology park. Researchers share the objectives of background analysis, detection, testing and simulation. Some of them can calculate devices and share services during page processing to improve R & D efficiency; We will strengthen open innovation and expand industry university research cooperation. We have two international cooperation laboratories and eight university enterprise joint laboratories. We will open cooperation and strengthen the use of external resources

to promote enterprise technological innovation, we should also strengthen the reform of innovation mechanism and the training of innovative talents. In order to encourage the R & D team to make outstanding contributions and create significant economic or social benefits in technological innovation activities such as scientific research and development, technological progress and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, Huayi Group has issued the implementation measures on Further Strengthening the construction of the group's scientific and technological innovation talent team. At present, according to the measures for scientific and technological rewards and incentives, The successful industrialization of the C4 MMA catalyst and the complete set of green production technology team will be greatly rewarded to effectively enhance the enthusiasm of the R & D team; At the same time, the group also strengthened the two-way exchange between institutes and enterprises, implemented the two-way temporary posts of technical backbone institutes and enterprises, closed the cooperation between institutes and enterprises, promoted the close integration of R & D and the market, and created a technical talent team with strong R & D capability

to promote enterprise technological innovation, we should also seize the opportunity of digital transformation. Digitalization has significant improvement opportunities for chemical enterprises in the whole value chain, and international leading enterprises are rapidly moving towards digitalization. A Japanese material manufacturer in our industry is transforming its model into a solution oriented business through digital transformation. They are trying to improve their core business competitiveness through digital transformation, using digital marketing technology to establish an efficient marketing strategy, and accelerating the development of catalysts and engineering plastic composites through the application of material informatics. One of our Japanese partners also established the digital and data science innovation department in april2019. It plans to recruit about 170 data scientists and data engineers in R & D, manufacturing, supply chain, backstage, etc. the company is trying to significantly improve productivity through the use of artificial intelligence, material information and robotic process automation

Huayi Group has also started the digital transformation, comprehensively improving the digital level from R & D, procurement, production and sales, making full use of industrial interconnection and big data technology and building a digital lighthouse factory. This year, the first factory to be built in Huayi Qinzhou new chemical materials integration base will realize full digital delivery, and a digital factory will be delivered as well as a physical factory. With the preventive maintenance of remote monitoring and automatic alarm of large units, the application of APC in main process units, intelligent storage system, automatic alarm of major hazard monitoring and other multi scene digital intelligent applications, the stability, safety and efficiency of production and operation have been continuously improved. Through the advanced knowledge sharing platform, intelligent development and high-level analysis are applied to promote technological innovation and actively build digital Huayi

it is an urgent task for the current chemical industry to resolve the epidemic and trade war challenges and seize the opportunity to speed up adjustment and transformation. From January to March 2020, the overall benefit of China's chemical industry fell sharply. The total profits of Enterprises above Designated Size in the chemical industry fell by 61.8% year-on-year, and the operating revenue profit margin of the chemical industry was 2.52%, lower than the sales profit margin of 5.78% in 2019. On the one hand, the impact of the epidemic is that the decline in end consumption is transmitted to the upstream chemical industry along the value chain, resulting in a rapid decline in the demand for chemicals and a sharp drop in prices; On the other hand, the foreign chemical products market shrank, the import to China intensified, and the export of China's chemical products was blocked. Take methanol and acetic acid for example. Since the closure of India and the collapse of European market prices, a large number of low-cost methanol produced in Iran has been diverted to China. In March, the methanol import volume reached the highest single month import volume in recent five years. The increase of import volume led to the decline of domestic methanol price, and the sales pressure continued to increase. In April, the domestic methanol port price was as low as 1600 yuan/ton, down 27% from the high price of 2190 yuan/ton in January; The sharp decline in acetic acid exports also led to tight domestic storage capacity and increasingly fierce market competition. The lowest price of acetic acid in April was 2030 yuan/ton, down 27% from the high price of 2800 yuan/ton in January

at present, the epidemic continues, and the global economy may fall into recession. Many international oil companies have gone bankrupt due to the sharp decline in oil prices, many chemical plants have been closed due to insufficient demand, and many large chemical projects have been cancelled or suspended. For example, an international oil giant announced the suspension of the construction of a large chemical plant in Pennsylvania, the United States, A well-known Canadian Chemical Company is adjusting the construction of a new polyethylene expansion project in Ontario; The competitiveness and profitability of chemical products of different routes are differentiated and have an impact on the existing industrial competition pattern. At present, petrochemical producers with naphtha as raw material have more cost competitiveness than those with ethane as raw material. Considering that the COVID-19 has already spread all over the world, and there is uncertainty in the research and development of drugs and vaccines, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the virus in a short time, the challenge of this epidemic to global chemical enterprises will be a severe test

in view of the impact of the epidemic, we should actively adjust enterprise operations and enhance core competitiveness. Facing the threat of cash tightening and cost inversion under the impact of the epidemic, all enterprises in the chemical industry should strengthen cash management; Strengthen strategic cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, comprehensively optimize flexible supply chain management from end to end, and reduce supply chain risks; We should strengthen lean management and improve cost competitiveness

in view of the impact of the epidemic, we should actively explore business transformation opportunities. The epidemic will greatly change the way people live and consume in the future. During the epidemic period, chemical materials, medicine, disinfection, personal protection, food, health and other fields continued to grow, and online business, 5g and other fields accelerated to rise, allowing people to see high-end development opportunities in many fields. During the epidemic, Huayi Group not only sent the famous brand product "Shanghai medicated soap" to Hubei anti epidemic front line along with a number of batches of medical teams to Hubei, but also quickly developed alcohol wash free sprays, wash free gel, quaternary ammonium salt disinfection wipes and other products to put on the market, expanded the disinfection product line, and quickly switched to the production of disinfection product sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, which is provided free of charge to airports, buses, subways, corporate offices and other disinfection uses. In the future, Huayi Group will strengthen the research on the growth potential, business profitability, technical competitiveness of key markets and strengthen portfolio management

in view of the impact of the epidemic and trade war, it is necessary to strengthen the global industrial layout. The epidemic has caused a shortage of important medical materials in many countries, which has prompted countries around the world to re-examine their manufacturing layout, especially in

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