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Wangminliang, chairman of Xianhe shares, was selected as the leading talent for science and technology entrepreneurship in the "ten thousand talents plan" of Zhejiang Province. Release date: Source: Securities Times

recently, the list of the third batch of Zhejiang "ten thousand talents plan" was announced, and wangminliang, chairman of Xianhe shares, was selected as the "leading talent for science and technology entrepreneurship"

under the leadership of Wang Minliang and the management team of Xianhe Co., Ltd., after years of development, different companies have also made great differences. Xianhe Co., Ltd. has grown into a leader in the domestic special paper industry. Its products cover more than 60 varieties of nine series, and it has the production capacity of the whole industrial chain, including chemical industry, pulping, energy, raw paper and paper products. By the end of 2019, Xianhe Co., Ltd., its joint venture and holding subsidiaries had an annual production capacity of more than 820000 tons of special paper and paper products

at the same time, Crane Co., Ltd. also took the lead in drafting a number of national (industry) standards, and obtained more than 100 scientific research achievements, such as invention patents. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a Provincial Patent Demonstration Enterprise in Zhejiang, and the following materials in Zhejiang. You can simply understand the fine management demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu and the transformation and upgrading leading demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang

at the same time as the general manager of Xianhe shares, chairman Wang Minliang is also a member of the expert committee of China papermaking society, the president of Quzhou Special Paper Association, and the president of Quzhou association with many methods of enterprise hardness test. He has won the honorary titles of "outstanding contributor to the construction of industrial bases with Chinese characteristics", "outstanding entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province" and "new Zhejiang businessman of science and technology"

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