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The industrial test of isobutene selective stacking technology has made a breakthrough

the industrial test of isobutene selective stacking technology has made a breakthrough

July 19, 2018

[China paint information] Shijiazhuang refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. produced qualified ISOOCTENE products in the isobutene selective stacking device on July 2. After the industrial test was successful, it continued to explore and verify the process with the research team of the Academy of Sciences and explore the operation status of the device, On July 12, the test again achieved a breakthrough in the calculation formula of 3.3 smooth intersection point frequency of acceleration and displacement, and the octane number of ISOOCTENE products, an important index of the device, was above 102

the isobutene selective superposition industrial test project has the characteristics of short process flow, high octane number of products, low energy consumption, and is extremely suitable for MTBE (methyl tert butyl ether) device transformation. Today, the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine has completed the process package development and officially approved in January of building materials. Sinopec adheres to the principle of saving, fast and efficient, and organizes and carries out tests to transform the idle MTBE unit of Shijiazhuang refining and chemical company into an industrial test unit of isobutene selective superposition. On March 15, the reconstruction of MTBE unit was started. Shijiazhuang refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. has established an effective organization system and equipped with a strong R & D team, that is, the working frequency cannot be much higher than that of the interim handover on May 15, entering the construction stage

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the test, the headquarters successively held special meetings in Shijiazhuang refining and Chemical Corporation, such as the review of the start-up plan, the confirmation of the start-up conditions, and the tackling of key problems of the project. Experts of the Academy of Sciences and the start-up personnel repeatedly demonstrated and optimized the start-up plan, carried out technical disclosure for many times, and organized the start-up desktop rehearsal and accident emergency drill. On June 25, raw materials were introduced into the unit, and a large cycle was established the next day. After fine control operation, the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions were further reduced on June 28, and the open circuit cycle was established, and the whole process was successfully opened to produce qualified products

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