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Introduction: Ingersoll Rand, ranked 197 in the world's top 500, is the company that should pay attention to the handling process of hydraulic material testing machines. Finally, it can't withstand the temptation of multinational consortia to expand their ambitions in the West. Yesterday, Shen Chaohui, the chief executive of PSF or PSU, and his party, who had a Chinese name, quietly arrived in Chengdu and secretly deployed the western market strategy. According to Shen Chaohui, Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand, ranked 197 in the world's top 500, finally couldn't resist the temptation of multinational large consortia to adopt the full-automatic electronic tensile testing machine with double space structure and aluminum alloy cover to expand their ambitions in the West. Yesterday, shenchaohui, the chief executive of the company in China, who has a Chinese name, and his party quietly arrived in Chengdu and secretly deployed the western market strategy. According to Shen Chaohui, Ingersoll Rand will set up its headquarters in Chengdu in the western market of China and set off a large-scale market shock wave

performance evaluation is mainly based on data

it is understood that Ingersoll Rand, headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, is a diversified industrial enterprise with a history of more than 130 years and leading the world's industrial equipment manufacturing industry, which is known as the "world machinery giant" in the industry

at present, the company has more than 55000 employees. Shen Chaohui admitted that as the chief executive of Ingersoll Rand in China, he really bears a lot of pressure to make a difference in the potential Chinese market

after all, the assessment of multinational companies is mainly a rigid data index. Not only the production quantity must be continuously increased, but also the sales quantity must be increased. Only the sales volume has no sales profit, and it will not be recognized by the headquarters

the Chinese market is the focus of development

Ingersoll Rand is divided into three market segments in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific region contributed 50% of the market performance to the company's $9.8 billion wealth source distribution map last year. According to Shen Chaohui, the company's next market focus will mainly focus on the development of the Chinese market

at present, Ingersoll Rand has set up more than 10 branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi and other places. According to the overall deployment of the company, the Asia Pacific headquarters previously established in Hong Kong will be relocated to Shanghai within this month. Another source inside the company said that his predecessor, the Chinese President, had been in office for only nine months, but was arranged to "have another appointment". While Shen Chaohui, who has worked in Ingersoll Rand for many years, came to the front desk. In addition to placing high hopes on him, the company is afraid to place more high hopes on the Chinese market

Chengdu Branch was established at the end of the year

as the western market under the "western development", it is obvious that Ingersoll Rand has great temptation. This time, Shen Chaohui's trip to Chengdu, I believe he will never return empty handed

it is understood that Ingersoll Rand secretly sneaked into Chengdu for investigation three years ago. It is said that the tensile testing machine of "SM" rubber, which has 50% of the global market share, will become the "fist" to expand the Chengdu market. Shen Chaohui also revealed that Ingersoll Rand will officially establish a branch in Chengdu by the end of this year, so as to radiate the entire western market. At the same time, the possibility of large-scale investment cannot be ruled out at the right time

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