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Mechanical oil production and methods

mechanical oil production

after the blowout of the flowing well stops, the underground crude oil is not fully recovered, and the production must continue. From the perspective of the whole process of oilfield exploitation, most of the time and most of the oil wells will adopt the method of mechanical exploitation to extract the underground crude oil

deep well pump oil production

among the methods of mechanical oil production, deep well pump oil production is the most widely used one at present, accounting for more than 80% of all mechanical oil production wells. Anyone who has been to the oil field will see that the pumping units in the field are constantly moving up and down like kowtowing to people, pumping the underground crude oil to the ground. The oil extraction device of deep well pump is composed of three main parts: sucker rod, gear with oil stain, wear or burr: the maintenance Mold of the corresponding part can be used to solve the oil stain, burr of the gear rod, oil pump and sucker rod

pumping unit is a set of motion reduction mechanism. Driven by electric motor or diesel engine

oil well pump, also known as deep well pump, is a special equipment for mechanical oil extraction with rods. The pump is located at a certain depth below the oil level in the oil well bore and relies on the sucker rod to transmit the pumping power

the sucker rod is a solid rod body with circular section. At present, carbon steel and alloy sucker rods are used. Each aluminum processing industry of the sucker rod is a sunrise industry. Its root is 8 ~ 9 meters long, and each root is connected by screw threads. The function of the sucker rod is to transmit the power of the pumping unit to the oil well pump, so that the piston of the oil well pump moves back and forth

the installation and adjustment quality of pumping units directly affects the safety of oil production and personal safety. Therefore, the basic design of pumping unit installation, equipment installation and adjustment must be strictly implemented in accordance with the design standards and operating procedures

Figure 4-2 schematic diagram of beam pumping unit - oil pumping unit waste foam granulator foam granulator for Enterprises above the production scope

1 - human suction; 2. A pump barrel; 3 a piston; 4 -- discharge valve; 5 a sucker rod

6-- oil pipe; 7 -- casing; 8 one way three way connection; 9. A packing box; 10 -- donkey head; 11 one traveling beam

12-- connecting rod; 13 a curved handle; 14 -- reduction gearbox; 15 one power machine (motor)

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