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Sichuan Phaeton aramid III key technology breakthrough

the aramid III key technology research and achievement transformation project undertaken by Sichuan Phaeton Technology Co., Ltd. has made a major breakthrough recently. At present, the company has built a 50 ton/year aramid III production line, and the 300 ton/year aramid III production line has entered the centralized commissioning stage. The trial production of aramid III composite plate materials and formed components has reached the international advanced level

the trial produced aramid III composite plate materials and formed component products can fully meet the requirements of many people in the domestic aviation industry who told the economic information daily about the use of cutting-edge projects in the aerospace and military industries. After the provincial achievements appraisal, its technical level has reached the international advanced level, and has been included in the support of major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects in Sichuan Province to speed up its industrialization process

it is understood that Sichuan Phaeton company, aiming at the high-end market demand of aerospace, military industry and so on, has increased the key technology research and achievement transformation of aramid III, and has successively invested more than 50 million yuan in scientific research funds, focusing on the development of aramid III composites, taking the lead in breaking through the key technology bottleneck of aramid III, and released and displayed the implementation of aramid III enterprise standard by projet MJP 5600, At the same time, it obtained 3 invention patents and 1 utility model patent

it is reported that aramid III is a ternary copolymer aromatic heterocyclic amide structure. It is a high-tech special fiber with excellent performance. It has excellent functional characteristics such as reinforcement, weight reduction, corrosion resistance, degradation resistance, high temperature resistance, high transmittance and so on. It is a core basic material supporting contemporary aerospace, military industry, life protection and other cutting-edge industries and a strategic material that directly affects national security interests, It has broad market prospects and urgent practical needs

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