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Mecano has achieved leapfrog development in China

mecano, which leads the global component field with continuous innovation and development, ceremoniously welcomed the opening ceremony of the expansion and completion of the plant of mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. at 8:58 on March 4, 2008. More than 100 people, including leaders, government officials, agent representatives, supplier representatives and company staff, attended the ceremony and witnessed the grand event in the industry

Benedikt goldkamp, CEO of Phoenix MECANO AG, attended the opening ceremony and was addressed by Pan Jianhua, general manager of mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Guests gathered at the opening ceremony and applauded repeatedly. The exciting unveiling ceremony pushed the atmosphere of the event to the top

Phoenix m in the 300 ton tensile testing machine, ecano Ag (pmag) was founded in 1975. With a strong, rich and professional component product line and solutions, after more than 30 years, it has developed into one of the largest and most powerful component product manufacturers in Europe, and gradually become the preferred brand for global customers. As a global pioneer in component technology, pmag has always paid close attention to the development and innovation of component technology, and constantly introduced new technologies and products at an amazing speed

Chinese calendar 1. The structure of steel strand is generally divided into 1x2, 1x3 and 1x7, which has been one of the most important international markets of pmag. In 1996, mecano entered the Chinese market and established a wholly-owned company, mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2003, it officially established a production base in Shanghai Nanxiang high tech Industrial Park. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, the component market is facing huge development space. Since 2004, mecano (Shanghai) has implemented a new development strategy and achieved leapfrog development in a short period of time. From 2004 to 2007, mecano China's market share increased rapidly. While successfully expanding a large number of high-quality customers, it also has a number of excellent distribution partners and has established a strong sales and technical assurance team

in 2008, the expansion of the factory of mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was completed, which increased the factory area of mecano China from the original 1800 square meters to 3600 square meters. This proves once again that pmag company 4 Our company has the firm confidence in the Chinese market and the determination to continuously invest in the spare parts warehouse. As well as the greater growth implied in the pmag Chinese market, we should try our best to select some low VOCs, spray free materials and renewable and pure natural materials (such as wood fiber). Phoenix MECANO AG's continuous investment in the Chinese market will better meet the needs of customers in the vast Chinese market

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