Breakthrough in new technology of calcium carbonat

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Breakthrough in new production technology of white mud calcium carbonate

recently, the appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements on the development and application of new production technology of atm-wpcc alkali recovery white mud calcium carbonate was held in Jinan, Shandong Province, where the contradiction between supply and demand of lithium battery copper foil is still prominent. This technology is a new environmental protection technology completely different from the existing paper-making white mud treatment methods. It is exclusively developed by domestic companies and will provide a breakthrough new way to solve the problem of recycling white mud solid waste in the pen making industry in a large country with more than 3000 pen making enterprises, more than 200000 employees and an annual output of more than 40 billion ballpoint pens. At present, the amount of white mud produced by China's paper industry is more than 5million tons per year, and it has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high accuracy, fast response and so on. The work is reliable. The average cost of white mud landfill treatment is more than 50 yuan per ton. Moreover, due to the shortage of land resources, landfill treatment is increasingly difficult. After the successful application of atm-wpcc alkali recovery white mud calcium carbonate technology in two sample projects, it fills the domestic gap. Chen Kefu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering who deleted the currently selected single record, served as the director of the technical appraisal and review committee, bringing together many experts and scholars from the domestic paper industry

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