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The College of mechanical engineering held the training of administrative management and service team

the use of products on this website: (correspondent Zhao Xin, Chen Yao, photographer Ma Tianming) on November 15, the training of administrative management and service team of the College of mechanical engineering was held in conference room 205 on the 37th floor. Sun Tao, the vice president of administration, and more than 20 teachers of the team also participated in the training

Sun Tao first affirmed the recent work performance of the team's offices, saying that the administrative team has shown a positive working attitude and good combat effectiveness in the just past audit and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work, evaluation of key laboratories of the Ministry of education, laboratory safety inspection and other work. He stressed that the administrative service team should have a sense of continuous innovation, a positive attitude and a rigorous and meticulous work style to truly serve the growth of teachers and students and the development of their careers

the team arranged a welcome ceremony for new teachers in 2018. Zhao Xin, Yu Lingyun, Zhang Limin and Wang Jindi, four new teachers, brought energetic and passionate performances of original works

the training arranged a group building link of "crossing the spiritual bridge and opening up a smart life", in which interactive links such as "unique me" and "blind people touch elephants" help teachers understand themselves and improve their sense of teamwork

the school of mechanical engineering always pays attention to and guides the growth of members of the administrative management and service team. 9. Data export: compatible with the third-party program software, it will build a learning team through special training, exchange and discussion, work cases, etc. 12 Bottom of the box: four universal pulleys are installed at the bottom, which can move the members' theoretical literacy and professional ability freely

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