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Breakthroughs have been made in the large-scale production of high-grade electrolytic copper foil

yellow copper foil as thin as paper emits a metallic tremor when gently grasped in the hand. Although it is only 70 microns "thick", it can withstand 50000 amperes of current... With the official production of Zhongjin copper foil Co., Ltd. recently, China's large-scale production of high-grade electrolytic copper foil has made an important breakthrough, and the dependence of high-grade copper foil on imports is expected to be broken

as the main raw material for making printed circuit boards, copper foil is mainly used in computer and auxiliary equipment, telecommunications and other fields. The pelletizing locomotive room must be equipped with lifting equipment. With the rapid development of the electronics and information industry, especially the miniaturization of electronic devices and the superiority of performance, China's demand for printed circuit boards and copper foil is also growing. China consumes about 20000 tons of copper foil every year, but due to backward enterprise equipment and technology, it can only produce medium and low-grade copper foil, and medium and high-grade copper foil depends on imports for a long time

the thinner the copper foil, the higher the added value, and the higher the requirements for production equipment and process conditions, so the technical difficulty is great. At present, the key easy-to-use technology for manufacturing high-grade copper foil below 18 microns is mainly in the hands of a few developed countries such as the United States and Japan

Zhongjin copper foil Co., Ltd., jointly established by China Arts and crafts (Group) Corporation and Zhongjin Technology Co., Ltd., has introduced high-end electrolytic copper foil production technology and key equipment that first used advanced large-scale circuits for circuit design from abroad. After digestion, absorption and transformation, Chinese researchers have mastered a full set of technologies and processes, the localization rate of equipment is more than 98%, and the process technology has been constantly innovated, realizing large-scale production

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