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PetroChina's low-cost production technology of national V diesel has made a breakthrough

on August 13, PetroChina's first national V diesel hydrogenation catalyst sulfurized diesel hydrogenation catalyst fds-2 with independent intellectual property rights completed its first industrial application test in Changqing Petrochemical, and successfully produced foreign V diesel. This marks that the group company has made important progress in the industrialization technology of low-cost production of national V diesel

fds-2 diesel hydrogenation catalyst was jointly developed by the Key Laboratory of catalysis of the group company, Changqing Petrochemical and Fushun petrochemical catalyst plant and other units for 10 years. It has the characteristics of no pre vulcanization during start-up and simple operation, which can shorten the start-up cycle by about 3 days

in February this year, fds-2 diesel hydrogenation catalyst was loaded on the 200000 ton diesel hydrogenation unit of Changqing Petrochemical and started successfully. After nearly 6 months of full load test run, nearly 100000 tons of catalytic diesel oil have been processed, and the products meet the blending requirements of national III diesel oil of Changqing Petrochemical

on this basis, from August 4 to August 8, technicians conducted industrial calibration of the production unit, using 1:1 catalytic diesel and straight run diesel as raw materials, in which the sulfur content was 1061 micrograms per gram and the nitrogen content was 822 micrograms per gram. Under suitable operating conditions, the relevant units have successfully produced refined diesel oil with sulfur content of 7 micrograms per gram and nitrogen content of 14.5 micrograms per gram. After testing, the product meets the national V diesel quality standard

this test shows that under the working condition of using a single reactor, the desulfurization rate of fds-2 diesel hydrogenation catalyst is 99.3%, and the denitrification rate is 98.2%, with excellent performance. This test marks an important phased achievement in the research, development and industrial application of oil refining catalysts for major scientific and technological projects of the group company according to the information

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