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Mechanical equipment: Urban Rail Transit approval and intensive restart, continue to recommend semiconductor equipment

Metro approval and intensive restart, and recommend CRRC, Zhonghe technology and China railway industry. Changchun Metro and Suzhou Metro have been approved one after another. After a year, the Metro has been approved to restart, and pessimistic expectations are expected to be repaired. After August 2017, due to the adjustment of rail transit evaluation opinions, no metro rail project was approved during this period. On July 30, 2018, Changchun's phase III Urban Rail Transit plan was reviewed and approved by the national development and Reform Commission, including 8 lines, including line 5, line 6, line 7, airport line and Shuangyang line, with a total length of 135.4 kilometers; The total investment is 78.73 billion yuan, and the national non ferrous metal Standards Committee has applied to formulate the national standard for ceramic aluminum new materials, with a planning period of years. On August 14, the national development and Reform Commission officially approved the construction of Suzhou metro, with a total length of 137 kilometers and a total investment of about 95 billion yuan. The planning period is 2018-2. The Rockwell hardness test principle is shown in the figure 023. The high-speed railway bidding is expected to return to the medium high level, with new demand for dynamic gathering and urban rail, and the localization rate of core components continues to increase. Rail transit equipment ushered in the boom cycle again. CRRC, Zhonghe technology and China railway industry are recommended

the chip industry is a high-end manufacturing industry that the country has long attached importance to cultivating. Domestic semiconductor equipment enterprises have the ability to share this round of investment wave, and are expected to enter the logical verification period in the second half of the year. In, led by local manufacturers, 26 wafer factories will be built in the mainland, and the scale of Zui's large experimental power and elongation capital invested in testing data will reach 1065billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the equipment, driving the demand for 700billion equipment. In 2017, the demand for semiconductor equipment in China exceeded 50billion, and the share of domestic integrated circuit equipment is only about 5%. This round of semiconductor investment is dominated by Chinese local enterprises, providing conditions for the localization of semiconductor equipment. Domestic equipment manufacturers are expected to usher in large-scale sales in 2018. Northern Huachuang is recommended, and pure technology is recommended from bottom to top, focusing on Jingsheng electromechanical and Changchuan technology

the main engine factory ushers in the profit release period, and Hengli hydraulic is recommended as the core component. Recently, monetary policy has been relaxed, and the oversold white horse stocks in infrastructure related sectors are expected to usher in emotional recovery. The supply of core parts exceeds the demand, and the import substitution space of high-end hydraulic parts is about 20billion. Hengli hydraulic is firmly recommended for core parts. In 2017, the company's cash flow and balance sheet improved significantly, and 2018 is expected to usher in the profit cashing stage. According to the interim report forecast, the profits of most main engine plants in the first half of the year doubled year-on-year, and the net profits of Sany Heavy Industry increased nearly twice year-on-year; The main engine factory recommends Sany Heavy Industry and pays attention to XCMG machinery and Liugong

the trend of machine replacement is determined, and the long-term spatial certainty of industrial automation is strong. IFR predicts that in 2018, the global industrial scale of industrial robots will reach nearly $30billion, and the robot shipment will reach 435000 units. China is the largest market for industrial robots, accounting for nearly 40%. Industrial robots are at the intersection of downstream high boom and import substitution. Industrial automation mainly recommends Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd., klai electromechanical Co., Ltd. and eston, and pays attention to robots and tostar

recent portfolio concerns: Northern Huachuang, Zhichun technology, Hengli hydraulic, Jingshan light machinery, Kelai Electromechanical, Hongya CNC, Sany Heavy Industry, China railway industry, CRRC, Zhonghe technology. (Industrial Securities Cheng Shangwen, man Zaipeng, Zhang Xinhe, Yan Changdi)

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