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Meat products should adopt advanced packaging technology

at present, white strip meat still accounts for about 60% of all raw meat on the market in China; Cold fresh meat accounts for about 10%, and small package meat sales account for 10%. More than 3/4 of the regional transportation and sales of naked meat are hot-air plastic granulators, which are easy to cause secondary pollution to meat products, and it is impossible to carry out complete traceability management. The hidden danger of food safety is still large. Therefore, adopting advanced meat packaging technology and packaging products is of great significance to promote the sustainable development of China's meat industry and ensure food safety in the meat industry. This is the unanimous view put forward by participants at the 2010 China International Meat Industry Summit held in Beijing recently

it is reported that at present, the production and circulation conditions of the whole meat industry in China are still mixed, and the meat food market still presents a situation of four more and four less, that is, there are more white strips of meat and less segmented meat; More hot meat, less cold meat; More naked meat and less packaged meat are sold in bulk; There are many high-temperature products and few low-temperature products. Correspondingly, China's food packaging industry also shows a trend of product diversification and scale, including nylon PE vacuum bags and wrapping films, natural collagen casings, stretching films that take more than half an hour, body fitted packaging, true air oxygen barrier shrink fresh-keeping bags mainly used for cold and frozen meat, modified atmosphere packaging and other products and related supporting equipment. Meat packaging should not only play the role of container and dust prevention, but also have the function of extending the shelf life of products, maintaining the freshness and quality of meat, preventing cross contamination, enhancing the traceability of products, providing protection for meat safety and convenience for consumers. Said Li Xin, President of Hyatt packaging China. Li Xin believes that Chinese meat enterprises can adopt advanced packaging technology and packaging products, increase the variety of meat products, develop high and middle end products suitable for market demand, and refine the product line, including conditioned meat products and convenient ready to eat products

from another perspective, the pre packaging of meat enterprises actually has deep-seated significance. The centralized and modern production of packaging by meat enterprises can not only provide convenience and diversified choices for consumers, but also liberate supermarkets from meat segmentation and food processing workshops and focus on circulation and sales, so as to prevent the risk of cross contamination in the meat segmentation and decentralized processing of supermarkets. A person in the packaging industry who did not want to be named believed that from the perspective of preservation and food safety, many supermarkets are now crowded in front of the meat counters, and the phenomenon that salespeople are busy dividing and packaging everyone is not commendable. Many meat products are poked and turned around by customers, unable to reach the low temperature of preservation; The disinfection of the staff and the sanitary conditions of the dividing table and counter are far from meeting the requirements. The solution to this problem, in the view of insiders, is to promote professional packaging methods according to different products. Li Xin believes that, specifically, for the retail small packaging of cold, fresh, cooked and frugal fossil energy meat, the following four relatively mature packaging products can be adopted. Vacuum oxygen barrier shrink packaging can be used for retail small packaging of cold fresh meat. It has a long shelf life, which can minimize contact pollution in the process of sales and circulation. Moreover, the printed bag has the greatest brand effect on consumers, and it is also a good image display for enterprises; Tray type modified atmosphere retail packaging, which uses shrinkable anti fog barrier and barrier tray as packaging materials, and the package is filled with a certain proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide to maintain the color and appearance of fresh meat, and can maintain sufficient shelf life to meet the needs of sales; Vacuum body fitted packaging can package cold, fresh, frozen and cooked food, with a long shelf life, which not only makes the meat have a strong three-dimensional sense, increases the appearance appeal of the meat, can be hung for sale, and saves the counter area; Barrier stretch film, PVDC casing and natural collagen casing are used for the packaging of cooked food, providing consumers with high, medium and low temperature products of all grades, and there is still a huge development space in the future development of meat food in China

small retail products can be packaged in a variety of styles. How should industrial large packaged products of cold fresh and frozen meat be packaged? Xuqinglei, chief consultant engineer and professor level senior engineer of the domestic trade engineering design and Research Institute, said that the products of livestock and poultry processing enterprises not only are not allowed to be packed naked, but also have strict sanitary protection requirements for the packaging of products. With the scientific and technological progress of packaging paper products, the corrugated box products that are most widely used will develop towards high-strength, low weight, lightweight and multi-function, and the carton (carton) packaging will develop towards environmental friendly water-based printing. At present, the new food grade green packaging film materials have been localized, which will greatly reduce the packaging cost of meat products, and gradually eliminate the non-standard plastic film packaging and woven bag packaging forms, so as to lay a good foundation for the realization of the production line and cold storage, cold chain logistics and transportation of the whole tray, while reducing the loss of dry consumption and improving the fresh-keeping water products of meat food

advanced fresh-keeping packaging technology helps to reduce the loss and waste of meat food and save social and natural resources. Retail small packaging can control the weight according to consumers' eating habits, reducing surplus and waste. Through the scientific and rational use of fresh-keeping large packaging and cold chain distribution, the third is the selection of resolution and dynamic performance (bandwidth) to extend the shelf life of meat food, which will greatly reduce food waste and consumption, and also contribute to China's energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. From the perspective of food safety and market development, functional and sealed packaging has become an international convention, and it is also the inevitable way for China's meat industry to move towards modernization. Deng Fujiang, Secretary General of the China Meat Association, said

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