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On November 9-13, 2010, the 12th China International Industrial Expo with the theme of scientific and technological innovation and equipment manufacturing came to an end in Shanghai. A total of 1653 enterprises from home and abroad participated in the Expo, of which foreign enterprises accounted for 33.7%, making it the first international exhibition in Shanghai after the closing of the Expo

from Germany, mecano, known as the home of components, brought the brand products of Phoenix mecano group: Rose, bopla, PTR, Hartmann, rk rose+krieger and other new products to the industrial automation exhibition hall. During the five-day exhibition, mecano had cordial and friendly exchanges with domestic and foreign industry visitors, comprehensively displaying the perfect quality and corporate image of mecano components products

with the authority of its products and years of professional technical experience, its overall equipment level will be at the international leading level in the industry. Small diameter monofilament (0.25mm) requires an air cooling distance of 1001200mm. Mecano has won high praise in the global component market. Its products are widely used in various communications, electronics, rail transit, automatic control, shipbuilding and aviation, equipment manufacturing, medical care, instrumentation Energy, electricity, petrochemical and other fields. In the field of industry and industrial control, mecano has the richest variety of products in the world, and its quality can be called a global leader, especially rose, bopla and Hartmann brands are outstanding in the industry

an increase of more than 30% year-on-year; Based on the lingering consumption of cobalt in the previous two years, quality first is the fundamental concept of makano to establish a brand, put into production and expand business. Mecano has a sound quality certification system, and all products have passed ISO9001:2000 quality certification system, in line with ROHS international environmental protection standards. Rk rose + Krieger series products take the lead in the development trend of the international market, and constantly design and develop new products to meet the market demand for more than 110 mu of land. Rose series chassis is successfully applied to the domestically assembled harmony electric locomotive and Siemens maglev train through fierce competition with high reliability

at the same time, its excellent engineering design, exquisite on-site assembly, high-quality technical services and customized solutions strictly comply with various standards in every link from design, production to delivery, so as to ensure the best state of product application. This meticulous spirit demonstrates mecano's commitment to customer satisfaction and winning the highest praise in the market

it is reported that mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix mecano group in China. Founded in 1975 and listed in Switzerland in the 1980s, Phoenix mecano group is a global multinational industrial component manufacturing company. Its technology, R & D and production come from Germany. At present, it has more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. Through this exhibition, mecano's brand concept of quality first, customer satisfaction and winning the highest praise in the market will be vividly displayed and deeply rooted in the hearts of users

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