Intelligent plastic machinery is the future develo

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Intelligent plastic machinery is the future development direction

with the further maturity of plastic products processing industry, it also puts forward higher and higher requirements for plastic machinery industry. Experts predict that intellectualization will become a new direction of plastic machine development. In recent years, domestic specialized production has developed rapidly, and Solvay, the world's leading supplier of high-performance polymers, announced that components such as quick change devices can be produced by itself. At the same time, the delivery period has been shortened to 6 ~ 9 months, about 1/3 of the past time. In addition, product varieties are developing towards diversification, such as various injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines with different molecular weight PTMC with different degradation rates. Especially injection molding machines, large and super large products have come out one after another. Experts pointed out that high-precision plastic machine is the research and development goal, and more electronic technology and networking technology should be integrated. Machinery that can realize automatic control will become the protagonist of the future market

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