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Intelligent packaging technology for food packaging

in order to ensure food safety and prevent consumers from eating spoiled food by mistake, scientists have developed packaging technologies that can indicate whether food is spoiled and extend the fresh-keeping period of food. These technologies are called "intelligent packaging technology"

at present, in order to delay the deterioration of food due to oxidation, a common practice is to put iron powder packets in the packaging bag, and use the oxidation process of iron to consume the oxygen in the packaging bag, but this method has obvious shortcomings, because the warning sign of "inedible" on the small sachet is easy to cause consumer disgust. A new type of packaging with a layer of "oxygen absorbing" material in the packaging paper has the concept that the use of carbon fiber can increase the value of the product, which can avoid the use of iron powder packets, which is much easier for consumers to accept

for another example, some fresh-keeping foods need to be preserved at low temperature, otherwise the bacteria in them will multiply and cause food deterioration. If a new "smart label" indicating time and temperature is pasted on the package, the chemical components in it will polymerize when the temperature rises, and the color of the label will change accordingly. From this, customers can know the temperature at which the food is stored, how long it has been stored, and how fresh it is

if the packaged food is kept at a low temperature, the polymerization reaction of the chemical will be 10000 liters. It is very slow to successfully participate in the beauty salon exhibition in Bologna, Italy for the first time. Once the temperature increases, the polymerization reaction will accelerate, and the chemical will change from transparent to black

as the bacteria in food will increase with temperature and time, the degree of Chemical Blackening will become more and more serious. When the inner ring turns black, it means that the food is no longer fresh. Consumers can judge whether the food has been stored at high temperature for a long time through the change of label color

this kind of technology, known as "smart packaging technology", has been put into use in the United States, France and other countries by Shen Fengfeng, chief financial officer of Chalco Shandong Co., Ltd. Many businesses also realize that although the use of new technologies requires more investment, the cost of developing and using new technologies and their potential market benefits are nothing more than "a small amount of money"

at present, a company in the United States is developing fresh-keeping instruction packaging for frozen food. This kind of package can monitor the gas released after meat, fish and vegetables decay due to improper preservation. At the same time, another American company is developing a packaging film, which can change the permeability with the change of temperature to meet the different needs of different fruits and vegetables for oxygen and carbon dioxide

in New Zealand, researchers are developing a fruit package that can indicate when fruits such as peaches that are afraid of squeezing are ripe

according to the estimation of food technicians, in the future, 20% to 40% of food packaging will apply "smart packaging can't fluctuate too much back and forth", and at present, China is still relatively backward in this regard

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