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Application of interconnection between AEC intelligent power distribution instruments and intelligent building system (BAS)

Introduction: AEC series intelligent power distribution instruments provided by American energy control Corporation (AEC) have advanced communication functions and can be reliably interconnected with many building automation systems in the world. The main interconnection modes include OPC mode, gateway (off) mode, etc

keyword: AEC intelligent power distribution instrument building automatic control system

I. Introduction

weak current system of intelligent building integrates computer technology, network technology, modern control technology, graphic display technology and communication technology. It is an extremely important part of intelligent building, and it supervises all electromechanical equipment of the whole building. Weak current system generally includes building automation system (BAS), fire automation alarm subsystem (FAS), intelligent electronic distribution system (AEC), security subsystem (SAS), satellite receiving and cable television subsystem (CATV), garage management subsystem (CPS), public address and emergency broadcast subsystem (PAS). The integration of weak current system is to integrate all subsystems into a unified platform to realize linkage control and information sharing, so as to manage the whole building

the goal of intelligent building is to realize the comprehensive sharing and overall situation of information, resources and tasks through system integration on the basis of system integration, which is the integrated management of materialized and concrete upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms

intelligent distribution system is an important part of intelligent building information system (BAS), and its main products are intelligent distribution instruments, such as 6800, 4620 of AEC company

American energy control Corporation (AEC), as a professional manufacturer in the field of intelligent power distribution, provides the industry with a full range of advanced intelligent power distribution instruments, as follows:

C intelligent power distribution instruments

C integrated protection measurement and control unit

C intelligent power distribution system

II. Advanced AEC intelligent power distribution instruments are applicable to building automation system (BAS)

1 Advanced building automation system has good openness

at present, many building automation system (BAS) product suppliers in the world gather in Chinese Mainland, especially in Shanghai. Here are some well-known companies that cannot experiment to impact normal temperature (product) names: Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Landis Staefa, satchwell, St e e e, caradon trend, Andover, Siebel, CSI (control system International), Ta (tour Anderson AB), auto matrix, etc

there are various situations to investigate the data exchange capability or open performance of these bas products and external devices. However, through analysis and synthesis, the data exchange capabilities of these products and external devices can be roughly divided into the following situations:

① the products support a certain standard data exchange protocol and have good open performance. For example, it supports OPC (OLE for process control) function under Microsoft Windows operating system; Or dynamic data exchange (DDE) function, which is realized by software without hardware interface; Disclose the detailed specifications and descriptions of the interface technology. The interface software is sold to users together with the system monitoring software. There is no need to pay additional fees to the product supplier for developing the communication function. The mainstream products of the above famous companies fully meet this requirement, and AEC products also meet this requirement

② the product supports some standard data exchange protocol and has certain open performance. For example, it has DDE function, or some other software data exchange tool, such as API function interface, but does not disclose the detailed specifications and instructions of relevant software technology. Users need to purchase additional software to support this function to develop data communication function, and some products may also be equipped with corresponding hardware. At present, the products of some domestic companies belong to this situation

③ there is no software data exchange function, but there is a serial communication interface on the control machine. If the buyer has external communication requirements, the supplier can provide the serial communication protocol, but generally the buyer is required to pay a certain amount of fees and bear a certain amount of intellectual property rights. This is the case with some companies' early products. Users are advised to avoid buying products of the 20th century in the 21st century

④ there is no software data exchange function and no open communication protocol. At present, it is rare. This is the case with the original bas

for projects with information integration requirements, priority should be given to bas products that meet the first situation above. How to exchange data with the integrated system varies greatly in terms of software working samples: 100x100x50mm 5 fixtures: metal plates: 100x100x5mm 10 pieces. These factors will be reflected in the workload and cost of system integration. Here, only building automation system products are taken as an example. Other weak current products are similar to the above situation

due to the implementation of system information integration, the integrated weak current products are required to be an open system that can exchange data with the outside. This applies to all integrated weak electronic system products. AEC's intelligent power distribution product is such an open system that can exchange data with the outside world

when the system integration project is carried out, as the system integrator, they should be fully responsible. They should put forward objective reference opinions to the owner, the design institute and the builder with all kinds of interface data they have mastered. They shall put forward the technical requirements for realizing data communication in the system integration scheme to all subsystem suppliers, which shall be borne by each subsystem supplier and provide technical data on communication interface. They should establish a harmonious cooperative relationship with the suppliers of each subsystem, because the design, technical development and commissioning of the communication interface between the integrated system and each subsystem depend on the normal opening of each subsystem itself and the organization and programming of the on-site data address. This cooperative relationship is extremely important

2. Using the overall scheme of OPC integration

at present, with the rapid development of network technology, the technology of BMS integrated products tends to use ears to listen to whether the sound emitted by various parts of electronic tensile testing machine equipment is safe and stable. It is also developing in the direction of real open standards and subsystem equality. Therefore, this paper selects OPC Technology of the above mainstream companies to realize system integration, and adopts browser/server (B/s) structure and web technology products. Its logical structure is shown in Figure 1

in order to realize data sharing, all subsystems must be monitored and managed on a unified interface

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