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Yunyi Chemical Industry Park intelligent scheduling solution

background of intelligent scheduling solution for chemical industry park

the explosion accident of the 3.21 chemical plant in Jiangsu Province, I believe many people have heard of it. It's better to have green mountains and green waters than bloody GDP. After the accident, Jiangsu Province closed more than 30 chemical parks and more than 1000 chemical enterprises with the will and determination of breaking the wrist. The painful lesson made relevant departments and enterprise managers realize the importance of safety supervision and scientific development

it is better to prepare for a rainy day than to make up for a rainy day. On the premise of ensuring that all production links are strictly up to the standard, a chemical park plans to build a complete command and scheduling system to connect all functional departments with the production environment information. In case of an emergency, it can notify all functional departments or indoor and outdoor work points through SMS, fax, one button intercom, etc. for emergency deployment and rapid response

the intelligent scheduling scheme group of the chemical park has a detailed demand plan. After consulting and comparing with many parties, the chemical plant chose the Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system from the aspects of openness, practicality, compatibility, security and progressiveness. The specific system groups are as follows:

deploy a set of dispatching system (supporting VMware) in the computer room, connect to the local area, and act as the dispatching system server to meet the communication and dispatching cooperation requirements of various functional departments

Hardware: server, dispatching communication voice switch, dispatching console telephone, dispatching console computer host, IP intercom terminal, power amplifier, outdoor audio, others (network equipment such as switch, firewall, 4G router)

the computer room deploys a digital relay switch to connect to the internal local area. The E1 port is connected to the digital trunk external line provided by the operator to provide emergency dispatching outgoing calls

deploy the sound outdoors, connect to the indoor power amplifier, and connect to the core dispatching server through the network

deploy one key call panel outdoors and one key call dispatching room to realize point-to-point call, with subsidiaries in more than 60 countries

the dispatching console in the dispatching room is used for dispatching and broadcasting outdoor or indoor equipment, and emergency dispatching can also be carried out if necessary

deploy IP phones on the agent desktop and register them to the dispatching system through IP to realize internal and external calls and other functional applications

fax sending and receiving not only supports internal sending and receiving between provinces and cities, but also supports external fax sending and receiving to achieve the early warning function

the person in charge of the dispatching center calls the dispatching extension of the designated functional department through the dispatching desk to realize emergency dispatching

the dispatching system realizes mass sending of short messages through short message docking, so as to achieve short message dispatching and early warning reminder

in case of emergency, any place can realize emergency broadcast scheduling through app or by dialing PSTN external line

the system adopts the management method of routing signaling to manage the communication routes of each extension well, and reasonably arrange the transmission of voice flow to ensure the timely delivery of signaling and the rational use of bandwidth

introduction to Yunyi IP's broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system in the innovative utilization of 811 high nickel battery materials

Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system integrates the design concept of IP Switch with the group's functions, and has the functions of command, scheduling, broadcasting, intercom, shouting, alarm, plan, electronic map, unattended, etc. It is an ideal new type of command and dispatching, radio and intercom equipment for government, schools, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, smelting, transportation, electric power, public security, troops, coal mines and other special and large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions

the system is independently developed by Yunyi communication with independent intellectual property rights. It has high security, high stability and high reliability. Customized and exclusive technical services can provide 7x24 responsive operation and maintenance services to ensure the safe operation of the system. It is selected and trusted by thousands of government and enterprise units, such as Shenzhen Construction Engineering Group, China Golden Shihu mining group, Guizhou Wanfeng power, Jilin Petrochemical, Taizhou Maritime Safety Bureau, etc

about Yunyi

Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in the Expo sub Park of Shanghai Pudong Software Park, is committed to providing social enterprises and institutions with a full range of independently developed VoIP communication products. Including products and solutions such as direct rotation axial 5-column pump communication, intelligent call center, IP command and dispatching, cloud platform, etc

the company is a certified enterprise and key high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. The core management and R & D teams of the company are senior people who have worked in the communication industry for more than ten years, and have rich professional experience in the fields of IP converged communication, industry applications, cloud platforms and so on. The company's products make full use of the Internet and global IP interconnection environment to provide more comprehensive and professional service solutions than traditional businesses

since its establishment, the company has successfully provided communication solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions when twists and turns high hardness or low alloy steel bars. Its ultra-high cost performance and comprehensive customized services have won the unanimous recognition of users

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