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Three problems should be paid attention to in the development of edible paper packaging

edible paper food packaging is a kind of paper like packaging material processed from edible raw materials. According to the investigation of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, it can be divided into two categories: one is to put commonly used food raw materials such as starch and sugar paste, add some flavoring substances, and then paper-based processing, so as to produce edible paper-based food packaging as thin as paper; The other is to modify the edible non-toxic fiber, and then add some food additives to make an edible "paper", which can be used as food packaging

edible paper food packaging has a long history in the application of food packaging in China. As early as in ancient times, Chinese folk food artists knew how to use edible food to make thinner things to package another kind of food. It can not only keep the freshness of the wrapped food, but also change the taste of the original food. It can also be used in the experiment of the compressive strength of other non-metallic materials, and can also sell at a higher price... For example, the "tofu skin" used for packaging meat dishes, the "potato flour skin" used for packaging meat pies, etc. With the development of history and the progress of science, edible paper-based food packaging has also experienced unprecedented development, especially after the transformation of China's economic system from planned economy to market economy, edible paper-based food packaging has developed faster. Nowadays, food packaged in "food paper" with beef flavor, chicken flavor, apple flavor and other flavors has appeared in the market, which is very popular with consumers. In particular, the application of edible paper food packaging in cold drink packaging has widened the channel of cold drink packaging and played a role in keeping cold and sanitation

edible paper food packaging is not only popular in the domestic market, but also popular abroad. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, the international technology has also developed rapidly. For example, in the current Japanese food market, an edible "vegetable paper" food is popular, which is very popular with Japanese consumers. This kind of food is made of Weiba vegetables, which are washed, peeled, finely chopped, boiled, cooled, dried, and then processed into "vegetable paper". This kind of "vegetable paper" has a bright appearance and is easy to induce customers' desire to buy. People can eat the food packed with this kind of "paper" without tearing the "wrapping paper". Experts estimate that a piece of "vegetable paper" is equivalent to the nutritional value of 250 grams of fresh vegetables

because edible paper food packaging has a role that cannot be replaced by any other food packaging, relevant experts believe that the development prospect is very broad through market prediction. The main basis is that first of all, the raw materials are all from green food, and the source of raw materials is very broad, without adding any additives, which is conducive to human health after eating. Secondly, the prominent advantage of edible food packaging is that it can be eaten, which greatly reduces the pollution caused by waste food packaging after eating food. Especially when plastic is used in food packaging at present, an ideal alternative raw material has been found. Thirdly, it has many varieties and properties, which are widely applicable to the internal and external packaging of all kinds of raw and cooked food, and it is very convenient to use. Combined with China's rich resources, large population, food consumption ranking first in the world, and the steady promotion of smart car, vigorously developing edible paper food packaging has been favored by many scientific research institutions, manufacturers and businesses, and has become a food packaging with great development prospects

however, in any case, edible paper food packaging is still in the development stage among many domestic food packaging, its outstanding advantages have not been recognized by the majority of consumers, and the production has not formed a scale effect, and there is no scientific method in management. On the basis of market research, the author puts forward the following suggestions

first, we should prevent mass action and adhere to prudent development. Edible food packaging, simply speaking, has two meanings. First of all, it should be located in food, which has the same edible value as the packaged food; Secondly, it is also packaging, which has the same quality and fresh-keeping function as other material packaging. On the contrary, edible paper food packaging has the function of protecting food because it is packaging, but because it is packaging itself, it can't protect itself, which raises a very challenging question for us. How can paper food packaging on the surface prevent pollution? Therefore, the author believes that the edible food packaging can only be used as the inner packaging of food with high dimensional accuracy, but not as the outer packaging, especially for foods such as cold drinks, meat, jelly and so on. Using edible paper packaging as the inner packaging can play a good role in preserving quality and freshness. In other words, under the current circumstances, edible paper food packaging is not suitable for large-scale promotion due to its high technical content, and can only be used in some foods. Otherwise, it is easy to rush into mass action and make fake ones, which will directly damage the interests of consumers

second, establish scientific research institutions and formulate unified standards. Since edible paper food packaging has a very optimistic development prospect and is deeply loved by the majority of consumers, it should be studied and developed as a very important scientific research project of food packaging. In addition, the Packaging Technology Association and the food industry association will jointly develop and select some popular foods for daily consumption as research and development projects, and strive to produce results in a relatively short time to carry out the market. This series of electronic universal experimental machines adopts highly integrated DSP central processing unit and exchange servo electromechanical control system to promote. In addition, China's famous food industry groups such as "Yili", "Mengniu" and "Wahaha" can also take the path of joint development of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and enterprises. At the same time, it is urgent to formulate a set of domestic standards for edible paper packaging as soon as possible. Only with standards, can there be laws to follow and act according to law, and China's edible paper food packaging can enter the scientific and legal production track

third, strengthen supervision and management. At present, China's food industry is developing very fast, but due to the wide range of food industry and decentralized sales, there are also many people involved in the production and sale of counterfeit goods. Edible paper food packaging is more likely to be counterfeited by some illegal traders because of its dual properties of food and packaging. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen supervision and management. At the same time, we should widely publicize and popularize the knowledge of edible paper food packaging to consumers, enhance consumers' identification ability, realize the combination of social supervision and professional supervision, and achieve good supervision benefits

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