Four farmers earn hardware in agriculture

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Let the "four headed" farmers in agriculture earn "hardware"

original title: let the "four headed" farmers in agriculture earn "hardware"

go to the red noodle restaurant to eat bowl noodles, sing a opera in Meiyin pear garden, and go to "replace wine with tea" to have a cup of tea... In the harvest season, enter Liyang City, for example: Tangma village, wedge-shaped clamp Town, blue water rippling waves, golden rice, flowers everywhere, and the breath of literary hometown is coming. On October 31, at the national leisure agriculture and rural tourism conference, the experience of Liyang in developing leisure agriculture and rural tourism aroused the strong interest of the participants

bieqiaoyuan Township, adjacent to Tangma village, uses creative agriculture to drive leisure tourism, and the "rice dream space" woven of straw turns golden rice fields into children's paradise. Yaojuecheng, Secretary of the Party committee of Bieqiao Town, said that during the National Day holiday, the total number of tourists received in Bieqiao hometown exceeded 100000, which would result in poor performance. "Liyang No.1 highway" connects more than 220 rural tourist spots, 62 beautiful villages and characteristic rural villages in the city. During the "May Day" and "National Day" this year, more than 1.8 million tourists came here, and "Liyang Highway 1" became a red card punching place

Ma Aiguo, chief agronomist of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, who attended the meeting, said that at present, China has entered the "double well-being" era of "well-off + health", and more people are more willing to enjoy the leisure life of "not far from the city and living a leisurely life" and taste "the original ecology, the old pot and stove"

leisure agriculture and rural tourism are not only the industry of eating, living and playing, but also the important carrier of cultural inheritance, ecological conservation and agricultural science popularization. We should constantly expand the function and connotation, and realize the "four head" agriculture - let agriculture have cultural speaking, leisure and playing, landscape viewing and new momentum. Through the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism, expand the ways of increasing farmers' income, and cultivate more "hardware" farmers - selling agricultural funds locally, earning salaries, collecting rents, dividends, and getting money

Jiangsu's leisure and sightseeing agriculture is in the forefront of the country. It was learned at the meeting that rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt were not carefully removed before priming and painting. Our province has created a total of 20 national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, 29 beautiful leisure villages in China, and 180 national leisure agriculture and rural tourism star demonstration enterprises. In addition, our province has also listed leisure agriculture as one of the eight 100 billion yuan advantageous and characteristic industries, and has introduced supporting policies such as financial incentives and subsidies, and land security

up to now, there are more than 9000 scenic spots in leisure agriculture and rural tourism parks with a certain scale in the province. Since this year, it has received more than 180 million tourists, realizing the comprehensive and simultaneous use of all kinds of recyclable materials (including other new materials) to create revenue of more than 46 billion yuan, an increase of 30% year-on-year

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