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The "four families" of robots in the world gather in the rise of the robot industry highland

Abstract: the "four families" of robots in the world - KUKA in Germany, abb in Sweden, Yaskawa electric and Fanuc in Japan have all settled in Qingdao high tech Zone, which has not only brought sales and technical support teams, but also gradually tilted the R & D strength here. In addition, famous robot enterprises at home and abroad, such as Japan's najibuyue and Shenyang Xinsong, have also come to the high-tech zone

feed palletizing robots account for 70% of the domestic market share and are exported to Cambodia, Vietnam, Bulgaria and other places; "Big Mac" gantry robot, the first large-span high-speed heavy-duty robot in China, can load 1 ton at a time, and fully realize the unmanned sorting, stacking and handling of heavy-duty in the rubber tire industry; High precision walking manipulator, the first robot product exported to Toyota in China...

in just a few years, Qingdao has risen to the "highland" of the robot industry

the "four families" of robots in the world - KUKA in Germany, abb in Sweden, Yaskawa electric and Fanuc in Japan have all settled in Qingdao high tech Zone, bringing not only sales and technical support teams, but also gradually tilting the R & D force here. In addition, famous robot enterprises at home and abroad, such as Japan's najibuyue and Shenyang Xinsong, have also come to the high-tech zone

According to incomplete statistics, Qingdao high tech Zone has more than 100 industrial robot industrial chain projects, including Kejie automation, Baojia automation, norida intelligent technology, TONGCHAN intelligent, Haier robot, with a total investment of nearly 13billion yuan. The robot products bred have covered all links of the industrial chain such as software development, system integration, solutions, key components, etc., involving the application of different industrial fields such as stacking, welding, assembly, handling, painting, as well as service fields such as agriculture, rehabilitation, underwater cleaning, etc., and gradually formed an industrial cluster of intelligent manufacturing of industrial robots in Qingdao

attract Phoenix to live, digest foreign advanced technology and cultivate local brands

up to now, six of the top 10 robot enterprises in the world have settled in Qingdao high tech Zone. "Attracting Phoenix to habitat" is the primary tactic for Qingdao to support and cultivate this emerging industry, that is, by learning advanced manufacturing technology, introducing high-end R & D capabilities, constantly breaking through key technologies, expanding industrial scale, and improving core competitiveness

KUKA robot has set up about 1000 square meters of office and business space in Qingdao International Robot center to carry out the R & D and promotion of industrial robots in production automation applications for household appliances, machinery, automobile and other industries; Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. has set up the first branch in the northern region here, and the engineering application center it has opened is mainly engaged in robot professional scheme design, sales, after-sales service and other businesses; Fanuc robot application center has been established by FANUC robot Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the R & D and design of factory automation system engineering

"behind the high-level introduction, it not only fills the gap in the industry, but also brings learning models to support and cultivate local excellent enterprises. Potential local enterprises have gradually completed the digestion and re creation of technology in the process of increasing exchanges." Li Deqiang, head of the intelligent manufacturing and new materials business department of the high tech Zone, was deeply touched by this. He witnessed the continuous development and growth of Baojia, Kejie and other enterprises in the process of foreign exchanges

Qingdao Baojia automation equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces palletizing robots and remote monitoring service platforms. The goal has been to establish Baojia Nazhi Robot Application Research Institute with bueryue company of Japan Co., Ltd. Gao Mingzuo, chairman of the board, told: "the reason why we cooperate with this Japanese enterprise on relevant content that you don't know is that its robot brand Nazhi is one of the most famous robot brands in the world. Through cooperation, we can continuously enhance Baojia's possession of core technology." At present, the "Baozhi" brand, which was born in the Research Institute, has received production orders from more than 1700 enterprises at home and abroad, and its product tentacles have been extended to beer, beverages, chemical fertilizers, flour, drugs and other fields

the "made in Qingdao" robot has different functions. The "made in Qingdao" industrial robot has different functions and can be used in many industrial fields. The system solutions of palletizing, welding, machine tool loading and unloading, grinding, spraying, cutting and even industry 4.0 can be completed

Qingdao comprehensively builds an industrial robot industrial ecosystem

the service robots developed by Qingdao TONGCHAN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. have always been in the forefront of China. Among them, the intelligent security robot can achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance, positioning and navigation through laser radar, ultrasonic ranging and other sensing equipment, and can complete security work in treasury, airport, station, community, villa and other working scenes

the integrated intelligent robot automatic welding system independently developed by Qingdao Tianyun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. can provide relevant enterprises with overall solutions for welding and cutting, including production lines, workstations, industrial assembly, etc. In addition, the coating robot developed by it can be widely used in the process production departments such as automobiles, instruments, electrical appliances, enamels, etc

the hot stamping technology of ultra-high strength steel plate in the field of automobile manufacturing has been monopolized by foreign countries. The cold forming technology used by domestic automobile manufacturers produces steel with large thickness and high automobile weight. Qingdao Kejie robot Co., Ltd. focused on this market, gathered the company's R & D strength, and finally launched the "high strength steel hot forming automatic production line" located in the comprehensive solution of automobile lightweight, which filled the domestic gap and successfully opened the automation era of the whole hot stamping industry

"the biggest feature of this production line is high mechanical performance and high safety. In the high temperature environment heated to 900 ℃, the manipulator can quickly take the product to the press for stamping in 4.5 seconds." Taoxibing, the founder of Qingdao Kejie robot Co., Ltd., said

combine production, study and research to create an industrial robot industrial ecosystem

Qingdao not only has production and manufacturing in the field of industrial robots, but also has advanced the construction of industrial chains. By gathering different industrial elements, introducing educational forces and high-end skilled talents, improving financial service support, and closely cooperating with production, study and research, Qingdao has spared no effort to promote the rapid improvement of the overall competitiveness of this new industry

at the scene of the 6th China International Robot Exhibition just held in early July, I saw that the president of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. Qu Dao's faulty welding or open circuit should be re welded. He told me that the reason why Xinsong robot chose to settle the north regional headquarters project in the high-tech zone was that Qingdao's strong aggregate strength in the fields of rail transit, ports, household appliances, automobiles and other industries, It can make the R & D and production of Xinsong robot better meet the market demand

Xinsong robot settled in Qingdao, which not only produces robots, but also brings R & D teams, teacher education and financial support. It is understood that in the future, Qingdao will set up Xinsong Qingdao Central Research Institute, academician workstation, post doctoral scientific research mobile station, research and development, experimental testing, digital equipment manufacturing center, etc. after the completion of the project, the products to be developed mainly with the popularity of electric vehicles (EV), including all kinds of new industrial robots, service robots, intelligent manufacturing equipment and complete sets of energy automation equipment, It will engage in the R & D and production of high-end digital manufacturing solutions and enter the field of marine equipment

coincidentally, Qingdao norida, which produces intelligent palletizing robots, also uses plastic for harsh occasions that make it reach the design limit. At present, Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has established a Sino Japanese joint research center to cultivate an international market operation and product R & D talent team. The integrated precision reducer developed jointly with Japanese reducer Teijin group is the first time in the world to be applied to the palletizing robot. It not only realizes personalized customization, but also meets the requirements of heavy load and reliability

"the industrial robot industry has both opportunities and challenges." Qu Daokui pointed out that at present, Qingdao's industrial robot manufacturing enterprises are still highly dependent on the outside in the fields of industrial design, algorithm, detection, numerical control and so on. "This requires avoiding the simple superposition of similar enterprises in the development process, and striving to build a new and open industrial ecosystem, so that education can deliver talents, R & D can consolidate technical capabilities, and financial services can provide capital support."

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