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Four factors affecting the development of additives

first, the low independent innovation ability of additive enterprises leads to the low market competitiveness of products

most of China's food additive enterprises are small-scale and have the same product structure. Many enterprises have simple production plants, outdated facilities and backward production technology. Some enterprises are standard small family workshops. For example, some food essence production enterprises, due to lack of their own funds, rent several dilapidated bungalows in some relatively hidden places, buy oneortwo product formulas, production process materials and several ingredient barrels, and recruit a few workers to produce essence. In this case, the production of edible essence will not only bring serious harm to the life safety of operators and the environment, but also produce products that are difficult to meet the requirements of users for product quality. Once users use such products, they will do harm to the health of consumers

some small and medium-sized additive enterprises, because the quality of the person in charge is not high, do not pay attention to the role of technicians, almost do not set up the post of "developing new products", but simply spend money to buy a few product formulas, and then imitate production. The result of this imitation is that there are too many ordinary products and few high-tech products in the market. In order to seize market share, some enterprises have adopted the strategy of malicious price reduction, which makes the profits of additives fall again and again, resulting in the damage of the overall interests of the industry and the lack of momentum for the development of the industry

due to the lack of excellent technical personnel in some small and medium-sized enterprises, they can't digest and absorb the bought formula and process well, resulting in poorer product quality and fewer customers

second, the promotion and application power of additive enterprises is insufficient.

food additives are raw materials, not end consumer goods for direct consumption. Only when they are well used in food production can their value be reflected. Due to the large variety of food additives and their different characteristics and functions, it is neither realistic nor easy for a food enterprise to clarify the application methods of each additive before officially using the additives it needs. In this case, additive enterprises should take the initiative to introduce the characteristics, functions, usage and dosage of an additive product to food enterprises, that is, users, and teach users how to use it, so as to achieve the purpose of successfully developing customers. However, because many small and medium-sized additive enterprises focus on production and ignore technical services, and lack corresponding application technology and application talents, even if they produce good products by imitation, it is difficult to expand the market. Because technical service is a complex work, which requires not only the technical service personnel to have knowledge of additives, but also the technical service personnel to understand the corresponding food formula and production process. In addition, there are also high requirements for the communication skills of the technical service personnel

third, the government's regulatory measures are weak

first, there are many departments that manage food additives, including health, quality inspection, industry and commerce, food and drug administration, industry associations, etc. There are too many management departments, and it is easy to cause disharmony by adopting self-made special dies. Moreover, some departments do not know much about additives, so it is difficult to achieve the purpose of scientific management, and sometimes common sense mistakes will be made. Secondly, many of the government's regulatory work remains superficial. Before issuing a hygiene license for a certain food additive, the regulatory authorities mainly check whether the production environment and written materials of the enterprise meet the requirements. As for the actual situation of daily production, circulation and application fields of additives, there is little supervision. In addition, the new generation of information technology industry should focus on strategic and leading industries such as software, integrated circuit, new display, cloud computing, big data, virtual display, green computing, artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware; The new material industry should strive to break through a batch of advanced basic materials such as advanced steel materials and petrochemical materials urgently needed in key utilization fields. For the rapidly expanding additive industry, the original administrative supervision force is also weak

IV. one sided publicity by the media

for a long time, there has been little positive publicity about food additives by non professional media. The majority of consumers have prejudice against food additives. Coupled with some negative one-sided reports by the media, the promotion of additives has become more difficult

promoting the development of additive industry requires a variety of measures

first, we should rely on scientific and technological progress to introduce and develop new technologies and develop new products

we should rely on scientific and technological progress, actively innovate and adjust the structure of additive products to improve market competitiveness. Additive enterprises should introduce and develop new technologies and products based on market demand and existing conditions. Natural, nutritious, safe and multifunctional additives are the development direction of additives, and additive enterprises can vigorously develop such products. In order to improve the level of innovation, enterprises can build R & D centers with scientific research institutions to develop more products with independent intellectual property rights, high value-added and high-tech content, and strive to be one step ahead of competitors

second, we should pay attention to the role of talents

technological innovation, marketing and technical services are inseparable from high-quality talents. First of all, enterprises should reuse key managers who are open-minded, open-minded, and aggressive, and let them formulate the development direction and measures of the enterprise

secondly, introduce and cultivate technology development, technical service and marketing personnel, and adopt scientific incentive mechanism to improve their work enthusiasm. In addition, the training of operators should be strengthened. A good production plan needs good workers to implement, and cultivating high-quality technical workers is of great significance to improve the overall level of the enterprise and product quality

third, we should strengthen supervision and support

relevant government departments should reform the supervision system of food additives. In addition to being strict with the issuance of additive hygiene licenses, they should also carry out the whole process management of the production, sale and application of additives, so as to form a unified, coordinated and efficient supervision mechanism. Many food quality incidents caused by additives are not caused by the quality of additives themselves, but by the misuse of food enterprises. It can be seen that the supervision of the sales and application of additives should be strengthened

the additive industry association is familiar with the industry situation. The government can delegate part of the regulatory power to the industry association, which can not only strengthen the pertinence of regulation, but also improve the efficiency of the government

while supervising, the government should also support the development of the additive industry. We can refer to the support measures for leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, and give policy preference in terms of funds, technological transformation projects, discount loans, etc., so as to increase support for the additive industry. Encourage enterprises to develop high value-added products, and guide enterprises from low-level vicious price competition to high-level technology and quality competition

fourth, we should strengthen the correct reporting of additives

government functional departments, industry associations, additive enterprises, media and other relevant units should work together to correctly publicize the role of additives, guide food enterprises to use additives correctly, and guide consumers to recognize additives. In particular, non professional media can still find the body. Before reporting additives, we should first learn the professional knowledge and regulations of additives to avoid false positives or generalizations

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