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Yucheng City: "four grasp and four promotion" to strengthen the safety production of hazardous chemical enterprises

Yucheng City: "four grasp and four promotion" to strengthen the safety production of hazardous chemical enterprises

November 23, 2017 improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are mutually reinforcing

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recently, Yucheng City further innovated the working methods of "four grasp and four promotion" in safety supervision, implemented and highlighted the key points, Perform their duties in accordance with the law and earnestly do a good job in the safety production of enterprises in the field of hazardous chemicals

enterprises are required to seriously carry out self correction and self inspection, strictly implement, improve rules and regulations, and ensure staffing. Organize the personnel of the safety supervision department to check the implementation of the enterprise system, the evaluation records of rewards and punishments, the use of special safety funds, the payment of safety production insurance, and the on-site safety management one by one. Yan can be used as an excellent high-molecular polymer sand fixing material to strictly control and prevent accident hidden dangers

deploy and carry out special inspections of confined space operations and hot work in hazardous chemicals, chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises in the city, require enterprises to carry out self-examination and self-report on hot work, confined space and other high-risk operation parts, strictly implement the special operation approval system, and implement the special operation approval and upgrading management. Focus on the analysis of combustible, toxic and harmful gases before operation and the implementation of safety protection measures during operation. If the on-site safety measures are not implemented and the safety supervision is not in place, the operation shall be ordered to stop immediately. Carry out detailed inspection on equipment startup and shutdown, inspection and maintenance, loading and unloading and storage of hazardous chemicals, and external construction operations. If it is found that the operation process does not meet the safety requirements, stop the operation and deal with it strictly

enterprises are required to formulate the screening plan at this stage in strict accordance with the hidden danger screening and treatment system, and conduct detailed inspection and evaluation, analysis and judgment on key devices, important parts and dangerous posts in combination with the risk point register, so as to formulate on-site disposal plans, and timely and effective disposal in case of any risk. At the same time, establish and improve the dual prevention mechanism of risk classification management and control and hidden danger investigation and management of hazardous chemical enterprises, further implement risk announcement and risk control, and do a good job in risk early warning

Yucheng City has inspected 14 hazardous chemical production enterprises, and 11 hazardous chemical operation enterprises have adopted the ordinary belt industry, and 87 hidden dangers have been found. The scope of supervision covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, etc., so as to promote enterprises to implement preventive measures, rectify within a time limit, and ensure the safe production of enterprises

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