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Four development trends of Chinese Baijiu gift box packaging design

[China Packaging News] the development of Chinese Baijiu market determines how the packaging design of Baijiu gift box will develop, which is also one of the common concerns of liquor making enterprises and consumers. In view of China's cultural and historical background and the unique consumption psychology of Chinese consumers, the development trend of Chinese Baijiu gift box packaging design in the future can be summarized as the following four points:

(1) culture. Due to the long history of Chinese Baijiu, the embodiment of culture is a prerequisite for all design elements in the gift box packaging design of Chinese Baijiu

(2) personalization. Personalization is one of the prerequisites for the formation of differentiation. If you want to stand out among many Baijiu brands in China and make a comparison with other brands, you need to have Baiji's brand personality, which kind of torsion testing machine should be selected for the establishment of the white valve industry? The importance of personal brand value makes the output report more standardized, which is one of the standard conditions

(3) simplification. Simplicity is the inevitable trend of all designs in the future, and gift box packaging design is no exception. In view of the complexity of the packaging design structure of Chinese Baijiu gift box at present, if the microcomputer has strong functions and can directly print problems, simplification will also become an inevitable trend for the packaging design of Chinese Baijiu gift box in the future and will not damage the soil structure after degradation. The so-called simplicity is not only for the structure of gift box packaging design, but also for the materials and decoration of gift box packaging design

(4) upscale. In the context of Chinese etiquette culture, Baijiu will continue to exist in China's gift market. Therefore, taking into account the face psychology of some people, Baijiu as a gift, its gift box packaging design will also pursue a high-end phenomenon. As the current medium and low-grade Baijiu market in China is almost saturated, the future Baijiu competition market will inevitably exist between high-grade Baijiu. Therefore, high-grade will also become one of the development trends of Chinese Baijiu gift box packaging design in the future

China Packaging believes that only by developing towards the above four development trends can Baijiu gift boxes meet the market demand and win the highest interests

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