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Four consumption guides for purchasing printer general consumables

facing the situation that the price of printers in the market is getting lower and lower, while the expenditure on consumables is rising rapidly, choosing the right consumables has also become the most concerned problem of all printer users. Fortunately, after several years of rapid development of the printer market, both the government, enterprises and families have a certain understanding of printer consumables. From the previous selection of only original consumables to now, they are slowly accepting domestic general consumables. However, for the domestic consumables market, the performance and requirements of the original consumables tensile testing machine fixture, general consumables and fake consumables are in the ratio of 5:1:4, which makes many users confused: how to choose the original consumables in order to select the range of experimental force according to the characteristics of the sample, so as to be economical and practical

in order to make a correct choice, we must first have a general understanding of general consumables: people have been inclined to choose the original consumables matching the printer out of their consumption habits, so that the original consumables occupy a large part of the market share of the domestic market. However, in recent years, excellent domestic general consumables such as "Tianwei" have become more and more popular with users because of their favorable prices and the advantages of being comparable to the quality of original consumables. More and more users choose general consumables as their printer's "ammunition depot". A good horse needs a good saddle. How to choose the right and excellent products for the current general consumables market and consumables itself is an important problem in front of users

maybe refer to our following four trump tips, so that you can also be a smart consumer when purchasing general consumables:

trump 1: don't be careless about after-sales service

don't think that purchasing consumables is paying for them with one hand. Next, we will teach you the working principle of digital sensors of electronic universal laboratory machines. It's good to buy a cheaper one anywhere, thinking that it's not expensive anyway, and it's not painful to change it again. In fact, printer consumables are consumables, and users will inevitably cause ink leakage, plug and other failures due to improper operation in the process of daily use. Good after-sales service and technical support are very important for users. We must choose the brand of regular manufacturers, so as to ensure quality and enjoy good after-sales service. Many famous consumables manufacturers have relatively perfect after-sales service system and quality assurance

users often have such doubts: "I bought general consumables. Is there a warranty for replacement?" Some dealers also have such doubts: "will I make general consumables with warranty?" For such doubts, in front of Fanling company, the famous agent of general consumables "Tianwei", these are no longer called problems: after users buy Tianwei consumables in Fanling, if there are any product quality problems, Fanling will replace them; Some problems are often caused by users' improper use, but Fanling will not shut users out and push them to any maintenance station, but teach them the correct use methods. The unified store, professional service personnel, and the service system that reassures users have made "Tianwei" have many loyal users

ACE 2: look carefully at the printing effect

in the stores of printing consumables, there is generally a print effect picture of the ink cartridge. In addition to attracting customers, it also allows people to visually inspect the print quality of the ink cartridge from the print effect picture: for example, check whether there is smokeless paper, whether there is a clear sense of hierarchy in the picture, whether there is color deviation or distortion, whether the transition color is uniform and natural, etc. Some sellers also provide a printer on site, so that customers can observe the printing and feel it directly, which makes customers feel more relieved to buy

trump card 3: judging the quality of ink cartridge packaging

the so-called beauty and wisdom is also applicable to the selection of consumables. Real high-quality consumables are not only reflected in the printing effect, but also in the packaging details: take the vacuum packaging bag as an example, the packaging bag of genuine ink cartridges is close to the box body, there is no air in the bag, and the vacuum of fake and inferior ink cartridges is not completely pumped; Open the vacuum plastic bag, and the genuine ink cartridge should be clean and free of dirt; Then carefully observe the sealing plastic sticker on the ink cartridge. The sealing film of the genuine ink cartridge is flat and solid, while the fake ink cartridge is loose and uneven, which is easy to remove by hand

ace 4: ink quality is the most critical

to have good print quality, the key core still depends on ink. Generally speaking, qualified and excellent inks have the following characteristics: 1) the chemical properties of inks should be very stable, since there will be no mixed phenomena such as crystals and precipitates after long-term storage. 2) The ink has high concentration and small molecular weight, so it should have good balance. 3) The cooperation password of ink can be correctly recognized by the nozzle, so the printed pictures should be clear, beautiful and hierarchical. 4) The requirements for paper are not too high, and ordinary paper can be printed. 5) The ink in the nozzle is not easy to solidify and does not block the nozzle. Only the ink that meets the above five requirements can be regarded as qualified ink. You can remember these five points when purchasing

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