In the first half of the year, Changshu port impor

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In the first half of 2014, Changshu port imported more than 170000 pieces of motorcycle tires. According to the statistics of Changshu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first half of 2014, Changshu port imported 15 batches of 175000 pieces of motorcycle tires worth more than US $1 million. This is a new bulk import commodity at Changshu port in the first half of this year, making the imported products at Changshu port more diverse. In the first half of this year, all imported motorcycle tires at Changshu port were produced in Thailand, with high cost performance. Changshu area adopts physical methods, chemical methods or organic combination of different methods through mechanical equipment. Imported motorcycle tires are mainly used to support domestic motorcycle manufacturers in case of oil leakage. The market prospect is promising. At present, many large cities in China have banned motorcycles one after another, but motorcycles are good. Motorcycles have the advantages of low investment, convenience and fuel saving. They have a large market in vast rural areas, mountainous areas and small cities. As an important part of motorcycles, the demand for motorcycle tires remains strong

motorcycle tires are products in the CCC catalogue. Changshu inspection and Quarantine Bureau has carried out batch inspection on the CCC marks of imported motorcycle tires in strict accordance with the regulations to ensure that they meet the mandatory requirements of China. In addition, the safety performance of imported motorcycle tires was sampled for type test, so as to ensure that the quality of imported Kesi Chuangyan's reliable anti ultraviolet plastic composite tires meets the requirements of relevant Chinese standards. The quality of imported motorcycle tires was stable in the first half of the year

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