In the field of artificial intelligence, China and

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In the field of artificial intelligence, China and the United States have shown obvious global competitiveness.

without artificial intelligence, these massive data cannot be processed. Unlike machine learning, which is still a blank link technology, the consequences of any problem with autonomous driving technology are serious. Therefore, Baidu and Google have different strategies in the auto driving competition

following the logic of Android, an "open" platform attracts most developers, and the progress of the platform can be guaranteed only by the size of the developers. But cars are not intelligent, so it is difficult to coordinate such a highly complex network of partners. No software error can lead to system crash, and key safety systems must be protected by redundancy. Car manufacturers are responsible for these systems, and they are responsible for the law. Therefore, in the end, car companies must master these technical components, also because they are afraid of over reliance on it giants

like most Apollo partners, BMW has adopted a two pronged approach. A BMW spokesman explained that the focus of the cooperation between BMW and Baidu is the further development of specific technologies, including data analysis and data processing. The cooperation between Daimler and Baidu focuses on the manufacturing of PVC paste resin for the protection of floors, wallpapers and car chassis around the vast and valuable ecosystem vestolit of Baidu, so as to achieve travel services loved by consumers. The BMW spokesman believes that such services include "voice interaction" between passengers and vehicles and interaction between vehicles and smart homes through smart devices. In such cooperation, it is necessary to comply with Chinese permits and regulations. It is clear that Western automakers are trying to understand China in depth without disclosing too much of their own technical knowledge

the question is, who will be the ultimate winner of this auto driving competition. On the one hand, in the rest of the world, Google (waymo) wants to be the biggest winner. The United States is still the world's leader in artificial intelligence. Sandar Pichai, CEO of Google's parent company, alphabet, has also been promoting the strategy of "artificial intelligence first". If the aircraft does not use flame retardant materials, many of the best artificial intelligence researchers have been attracted to work in the utilization, processing and manufacturing process of its antenna spacer strip. On the other hand, the Chinese government undoubtedly hopes that China will become an AI superpower. By 2030, the domestic value-added is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan (about US $150billion), and intelligent vehicles will play a central role in the national development strategy. Considering the above factors, we can fully predict that Baidu will occupy a dominant position in China

in the field of artificial intelligence, China and the United States have shown obvious global competitiveness. Google and Baidu, as typical representatives of Chinese and American AI giants, tend to have a heated competition in the field of automatic driving. Joachim Becker did not clearly point out who could win the competition between Google (waymo) and Baidu, but it can be predicted that Baidu will dominate China

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