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Soft green tones sing in the sweet personality area, while bold green tones can add an unmanageable elegance. Many times, we can't help cheering for green. Let's take a look with Hong Kong Yibai wallpaper

green is a color full of vitality and vitality, perhaps because its root is in nature, and it is also versatile. Soft green tones sing in the sweet personality area, while bold green tones can add an unmanageable elegance. Facts have proved that many times, we can't help cheering for green

idyllic style

many people's dream is to have a home like a garden and a life like a vacation. To achieve these, mentality is very important. Only by maintaining love and intention for life can we achieve the quality of life - those lively and open flowers, happy growing plants, hand woven sofa mats, and so on. All this merged into a peaceful and leisurely atmosphere, flowing in the corners of the room, emitting the fragrance of life. Life is your lover. If you love her, she will show you her picturesque beauty. If you treat her slowly, don't blame her for turning around and giving her amorous feelings to others

modern fashion

dark green is one of the representative colors of retro color. The fusion of black and green highlights the calm, elegant and introverted color language. In his masterpiece daydream, painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti depicts this elegant color as a simple aristocrat, with elegance and fragrance from the garden. In his paintings, dark green is also like a cunning fairy queen, calmly and vividly with a calm and intelligent atmosphere. In the home quotation, it can be both rich and quiet, elegant and solemn, not belonging to dark green. It's like the color extracted from the hustle and bustle, stained with the ink of the times, embellished with noble and pressing. No dust, no publicity, dark green is like a long-standing fragrance, which penetrates into the blood and permeates the noble temperament

American romance

in spring, the river water is as green as blue, and the refreshing blue-green is as clear as the Spring Lake. Combined with the leisurely and casual American style, the warm American fabric sofa, and the atmospheric spatial layout, it creates a romantic American style small fresh home





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