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Shangpin's true colors sold in August, the manufacturer sold directly, and the 1million factory gift packages were released in an all-round way. Wonderful activities and huge benefits could not be stopped at all. What are you hesitating about? Join in quickly

v 10million factory gift packages are released in advance

※ spend 50 yuan to buy the "factory invitation letter", and the appreciation of 50 yuan is 788 yuan! (Note: it includes: 200 yuan wooden door cash coupon, 200 yuan window cover Yakou cash coupon, 200 yuan foot line cash coupon, and a 188 yuan exquisite gift!)

v 4 popular products, unprecedented special offers

launched four Collection Limited Edition special price doors (Note: 10 households per region)

van Nuo 15, original price: 3480 yuan; Shock price: 1380 yuan

van Nuo 25, original price: 3840 yuan; Shock price: XXX yuan

5 by Loch Ness, original price: 5580 yuan; Shock price: XXX yuan

mingjue bedroom door, original price: 6180 yuan; Shock price: XXX yuan

v combined package, bottom price blooming

value combination package, factory discount, with a maximum straight reduction of 60%

※ white collar package - preferential series a

2 sets of Edinburgh bedroom doors + 1 set of bathroom doors (original price: 18000 yuan, package price: XXXX price)

※ noble package - preferential Series B

3 sets of European classic bedroom doors + 1 set of bathroom doors (original price: 24000 yuan, package price: XXXX price)

V national factory price, collect sample rooms! (limited to 30 households in each province)

solicit model rooms of national image projects, and the lucky owners who are successfully selected into the "model rooms" can enjoy the ultra-low factory price

V, draw awards, tie balloons, kill a dollar, and be pleasantly surprised

1、 Lucky draw:

first prize (1): free order grand prize (maximum free order: 3000 yuan)

Second Prize (1): a 40 inch LCD TV (market price: 1699 yuan/set)

third prize (5): an induction cooker (market price: 400 yuan/set)

Fourth prize (5): a vacuum cleaner (market price: 380 yuan/set)

(Note: on the day of the event, you can get 1 raffle ticket by paying 1000 yuan, and 2 raffle tickets by paying 2000 yuan, and so on. The more you pay, the more opportunities, and the upper limit of 5 raffle tickets)

2. Tie a balloon and win a cash prize

during the activity, customers who place orders can participate in the cash prize winning activity by order - balloon; 100% of the winners, with a maximum bonus of 500 yuan

remarks: bonus settings: 1 at 500 yuan, 1 at 200 yuan, 2 at 100 yuan, 5 at 50 yuan, 10 at 20 yuan, 10 at 10 yuan

v quality assurance, five-star service to your home

※ the top 300 customers who place orders get the original locks worth 688 yuan free of charge

v activity arrangement




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