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After using smart locks, many people are all roast about the dilemma they have encountered before, and some of them have become "heavily dependent patients" with smart locks. What kind of people are they? Let's have a look

many friends who have changed smart locks at home lament that it would be better to change them earlier * &%

used to be equipped with countless keys &%#

it costs so much to find the locksmith &... *%

after using the smart lock,

all of them are roast about the dilemma they have encountered before,

and some of them have become "heavily dependent patients" of the smart lock.

what kind of people are they

let's have a look

amnesia & Obsessive compulsive disorder

nowadays, it is not only the elderly who will be forgetful. Some young people also have a decline in memory because of their busy work and the pressure of life, and they forget what they just prepared to do. It is undoubtedly "terrible" to let these forgetful people hold the door key. They either lose it or forget to bring it. The lock master has become an old acquaintance

the daily life of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder is like this:

is the door really locked

is the air conditioner really off

are you sure to take out the cat food

I was really worried, so I went home and checked again

since you replaced the smart lock, there is no worry about the key. The automatic locking function properly arranges your worries. If you can't do it again, you can check the access situation at any time through the mobile app

new baby mom and dad

after having a baby, more and more items are carried with you, including milk bottles, diapers, wet paper towels In the past, it used to take only a small messenger bag to go out, but now you have to take a particularly large backpack. When you get to the door, you look after your baby and fumble for the key in the bag. You can't wait for an extra hand to help. It's so hard to open the door every time

since I put on the smart lock, I can easily open the door with only one finger. If you need to invite the family of Yuesao, you don't need to provide them with keys anymore. Set the periodic password to expire and delete it


the intermediary brought the tenant to see the house, but the landlord happened to be away from home, so he either had to hurry back or make an appointment for the next time; Changing a tenant requires changing the door lock once; Presumably, many Fangdong have encountered such a dilemma

since the smart lock was replaced, the one-time password function simplifies visitors' access, and helps landlords solve their house viewing troubles by sending visitors a one-time door opening password. After changing the tenant, just clear the fingerprint and password of the original tenant, and then it can be used by the next tenant to open a new life of smart landlord

smart powder

smart sweeper, smart speaker, smart water cup Presumably, these are "necessary at home" for smart enthusiasts who are willing to experience all kinds of smart products. How can they not start a smart lock

smart lock cue into life

get rid of Jingling keys

enjoy a full sense of technology

such a good thing is difficult to rely on ~

(source: Samsung smart lock official number)




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