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As the "new favorite" of modern kitchens, the "smoking master" integrated stove is being liked by more and more people. But when facing the dazzling array of integrated stove products on the market, will you feel confused and have no way to start? To this end, Cohen Xiaobian sorted out a purchase experience for you, so that you can be handy when selecting integrated stoves

1. Look at the plate. The appearance of integrated stoves is made of stainless steel. There are many kinds of stainless steel, which makes no difference to laymen, but the quality of stainless steel plates varies greatly. In terms of appearance, there are differences between fineness and gloss. What is similar to a mirror is a good stainless steel plate

2. See the process treatment. Poor integrated stoves cannot press the whole stainless steel plate into shape at one time, and the joints are uneven or have obvious gaps, which is easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria. The high-quality integrated stove is a machine pressed shell, which will not be assembled in small pieces

3. Check whether the lampblack is separated. Poor integrated stoves cannot realize the separation of oil smoke. If the oil smoke is not separated, it is easy to pollute the fuselage itself, and the oil smoke directly passes through the turbine; A good stove body separates the oil stains from the gas, and filters the oil stains in the funnel while discharging the gas

4. Look at the flame color. Poor integrated stoves are often renovated with old stoves or accessories from inferior manufacturers, so that the liquefied gas cannot be completely burned, and the flame generated is red or yellow, which will produce a large amount of toxic gas; The quality of a good integrated stove is guaranteed. The liquefied gas burns completely. The flame is light blue when burning, and no toxic gas will be produced

5. Look at the suction position. Some integrated environment-friendly stoves are deep well suction, while others are side suction. Deep well suction consumes heat energy, which consumes time, gas and electricity during cooking, while side suction does not affect heat energy

6. Look at after-sales guarantee: when purchasing integrated stoves, we should look at the flag of brand. Brand is a commitment to technology and after-sales. Try to find a brand with many sales outlets and a fixed store address. In this way, long-term after-sales service can be guaranteed





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