Pricing methods of several cabinets

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The pricing methods of cabinets are as follows for your reference

>& gt;& gt; Relevant recommendations: the pricing methods of cabinets are different. The key is to see the cost performance.

the pricing methods of cabinets are as follows for your reference:

first, it is calculated by single cabinet. This pricing method takes the cabinet body, cabinet door and hardware as a whole. Taking each style as a unit, it can be considered as fixed price; Table top is calculated separately. Haile and South Korea Yingli are such algorithms

secondly, it is priced according to the extended meter, that is, it is calculated according to the length. However, the standard of this method is not unified. For example, the bottom cabinet is calculated according to the side against the wall, along the center line of the table, or along the outer edge of the table. It doesn't matter if it's straight or square. When it comes to the corner, the problem comes. The biggest drawback of this pricing method is that it is difficult to reflect the differences in internal structures, and there are many problems in the calculation of price differences

the third is the component method, which can be regarded as the change of the quartering method, which maximizes the combination of materials and prices, and "moisture" tends to be infinitely small

the fourth is the quartering method, that is, the cabinet door, cabinet body, hardware and countertop are calculated separately and customized. Its cost performance is clear at a glance




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