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As the "eyes" of the room, windows should play the role of lighting, ventilation and warmth preservation. Good windows have the function of energy saving and heat preservation. In summer, the outdoor heat energy is blocked out, so as to save the electric energy consumed by the air conditioner and save the electricity bill

as the "eyes" of the room, windows should play the role of lighting, ventilation and warmth preservation. Good windows have the function of energy saving and heat preservation. In summer, the outdoor heat energy is blocked out, so as to save the electric energy consumed by the air conditioner and save the electric charge at the same time; In winter, the indoor heat energy is left indoors to save the energy and cost consumed by heating. So how to choose a good window

I: wooden windows are the favorite of classical and elegant families. Wooden windows are traditional windows. Now as windows in a simple sense, they are rare. Because wooden structures are easy to decay in the sun and rain, after the emergence of steel windows, wooden windows as indoor and outdoor dividing windows have become a thing of the past. However, the biggest advantage of wood windows is the strong texture of wood grain. The unique warmth and excellent durability of natural wood are loved by people. Therefore, wood windows, as decorative indoor wood windows or wood partitions, are very popular in modern home decoration

basic materials should be selected well: introduction to common wooden windows

common wooden windows can also be divided into many types according to different classification methods. For example, according to the different opening methods, we can divide the common wooden windows into casement windows, sliding windows, fixed windows, rotating windows, etc.; according to the different structures, we can divide the common wooden windows into glass windows, shutters, doors and windows, etc.; according to the number of sashes, we can divide the common wooden windows into single window, double window, three window, four window, etc

there is a big competition for all kinds of wooden windows

wooden windows can be divided into fixed windows, sliding windows, casement windows and rotating windows according to their opening shape. Windows in different ways have different advantages and disadvantages, which are suitable for use in different homes and different spaces. Consumers can choose according to the actual situation of the home

quality inspection is the key: four checks quality select good wooden windows

buy good wooden windows, quality inspection is indispensable, otherwise what should I do if I buy a "sandwich wood"? Therefore, the quality of wooden windows must be checked at the time of purchase

check whether the installation position of window frames and sashes meets the design requirements; II. Check whether the window frame is firm, whether the surface of the window shoulder is flat, whether the cutting is smooth and straight, and whether the surface has defects and color differences; III. check whether the position of hardware is correct, whether the hinge installation is slotted on both sides, the groove depth is consistent, and the edge is neat; IV. check whether the size of the cover strip and the seam pressing strip is consistent, straight and smooth, and whether the color and texture of the wooden window surface are consistent with that of the varnish

attention should be paid to the purchase of wooden windows: the most important thing is that goods are really suitable.

wooden windows, as windows in a simple sense, are rare. They should be used as decorative indoor wooden windows or wooden partitions, which can adapt to various styles of home. Choosing wooden windows is mainly used with the main materials used in other furniture, such as high-end villas

at present, wood windows and wood partitions in the market have a variety of materials, including pine, fir, Manchurian ash, beech and so on. Among them, pine and fir are mainly soft materials, because pine is not easy to deform, unlike hard wood, it is brittle and easy to break. Therefore, we should pay attention to distinguish when shopping. First, we should look at the style and color, and then look at the feel, hardware accessories, etc. And now there are two types of new wood windows: pure wood windows and "aluminum clad wood" wood windows, so we should also pay attention to whether it is pure wood or aluminum clad wood

comments: the height and width of wooden windows with various opening methods have certain specifications. The height of the fixed window is 600mm--1500mm, and the width range is 600--2100mm; The height of the lifting window is 1200--1800mm, and the width range is 600--1800mm; The height of sliding window is 1200--1800mm, and the width is 1200--1800mm; The height range of the revolving window is 600--3000mm, and the width is 1200--3000mm

II: plastic steel windows with sealed heat insulation and no deformation have become a household favorite.

plastic steel windows are the fourth generation of new windows developed in recent years after wood windows, steel windows and aluminum alloy windows. Its opening methods mainly include push-pull, external opening, internal opening, internal opening and upper suspension, and the new opening methods include push-pull and upper suspension. The plastic steel window layer is mainly made of high-strength anti-oxidation plastic materials, and the interior is supported by steel. Because the aluminum-plastic material does not conduct heat, and the equipment is well sealed, and the joints are tight, the plastic steel window has the characteristics of good sealing and heat insulation, no overall deformation, and the surface is not easy to age

there is stress in the selection of types: introduction to common types of plastic steel windows

plastic steel windows can be divided into single glass (single glass) and double glass in appearance. If the requirements for thermal insulation are not high, it is OK to choose a single glass plastic steel window; If the requirements for thermal insulation are very high, such as using the balcony, it is more appropriate to choose double glass plastic steel windows to ensure the temperature in the balcony. In terms of opening mode, plastic steel windows can be divided into push-pull type, flat open type and back off type. The opening and closing mode of windows can be adjusted according to different air convection angles

single glass double glass PK: select the plastic steel window in the heart

plastic steel window can be divided into single glass plastic steel window and double glass plastic steel window. Different plastic steel windows have different effects on sound insulation and heat insulation, and the price also has a certain gap

quality inspection is necessary: fifth, select excellent plastic steel windows

plastic steel windows are a special product, which are carried out in the factory from the production of profiles to the assembly of windows. As long as the installation meets the specifications, it is difficult for consumers to check the quality of windows without tools, but this does not mean that consumers cannot check plastic steel windows

first, we should understand the PVC profiles selected for plastic steel windows. Good PVC profiles have bright and clean surface and blue and white color from the appearance; Second, observe whether the plastic steel window surface has obvious scratches, grooves, cracks at the weld corners, etc; Third, check that there should be a steel frame in the frame of the plastic steel window, and the glass should be installed smoothly and firmly without direct contact with the profile; Fourth, look at the glass. If it is double-layer glass, there should be no dust and water vapor in the interlayer; Fifth, pay attention to whether the joint structure of plastic steel window is directly proportional to the window area according to the design requirements. If not, consider whether the bearing capacity is reasonable

plastic steel windows can be selected for houses in the North: pay attention to details in purchasing and don't forget

because plastic steel windows have the characteristics of good sealing and heat insulation, no deformation as a whole, and the surface is not easy to age. Therefore, it is especially suitable for northern areas with large sandstorms. Plastic steel windows are the first choice for closed balconies, especially when improving the utilization rate of balconies and ensuring the temperature and cleanliness of balconies. And for houses with large outdoor noise, it is best to choose plastic steel windows with hollow glass or double glass, which have excellent sealing and sound insulation effects

when shopping, you must go to the formal building materials market. The roadside stalls have simple processing equipment, and the accuracy and strength cannot be guaranteed at all. Moreover, the steel lining of the profile is of poor quality, even without steel lining, and other accessories are also very poor

comments: the glass thickness of common single glass plastic steel windows is 5mm, and the width of the batten is 34mm. The width of the batten of the double glass plastic steel window is 19mm, the proportional gap is 15mm, and the glass thickness is 20mm. When buying, you need to pay attention to the above specifications and be careful not to choose inferior products

III: aluminum alloy windows have high strength, durability and great popularity.

aluminum alloy windows are the products that initially replaced steel windows. They are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, stiles and fans. Ordinary aluminum alloy sliding windows are made of aluminum alloy. Their sealing and sound insulation effects are better than steel windows, and they are also easier to process than pure wood windows and steel windows. Aluminum alloy is a mid-range profile, which is not easy to deform, and the price is moderate, which is easy to be accepted by everyone

basic materials: brief introduction to the types of aluminum alloy windows

the classification of aluminum alloy windows is the same as that of plastic steel windows. From the perspective of opening mode, it can be divided into push-pull type, flat open type and top hung type; According to the material, it can be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy windows and Bridge broken aluminum alloy windows. Each door and window is divided into several series according to the thickness and structural size of the door and window frame. 50, 60, 70 and 80 are the width of the profile, in millimeters. 50 and 60 are generally casement windows, while 73, 80, 85 and 90 are mostly sliding windows

there is comparison before choice: comparison of four kinds of aluminum alloy windows

aluminum alloy windows are the most commonly used types in families, which can be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy windows and broken bridge aluminum alloy windows. Generally speaking, the price of broken bridge aluminum alloy windows is higher than ordinary aluminum alloy windows, but the performance is relatively good. Consumers can choose according to economic conditions and installation needs

quality inspection is very important: teach you to "see four" out of good windows

quality inspection is the key to choosing good windows. Good quality aluminum alloy windows are beautiful, firm and durable, and do not need to worry about the after-sales service of inferior products. Therefore, you can do the following quality inspection on aluminum alloy windows when purchasing

check whether the materials, including aluminum profiles, glass and hardware, are consistent in color and whether the hardware assembly is complete; Second, look at the processing. The high-quality aluminum alloy window has fine processing, smooth tangent and consistent angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees). There should be no obvious gap and smooth opening and closing during the splicing process; Third, check whether the glass is hollow glass and whether it is coated. The composite film is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high gloss; Fourth, check the size to see if the window size is correct

comments: the height range of commonly used push-pull aluminum alloy windows is 900-2100mm, and the width is 1200-3000mm; The height of the flat open aluminum alloy window is 600-2100mm, and the width range is 600-2100mm

modern aluminum alloy windows: small details cannot be ignored when choosing good windows

when selecting aluminum alloy windows, attention should be paid to the window frame of aluminum alloy windows to be clean, flat, free of scratches and bruises; Hardware shall be complete and in correct position; The glass shall be flat and firmly installed without looseness. The single-layer glass shall not directly contact the profile. The inner and outer surfaces of the double-layer glass shall be clean. There shall be no dust and moisture in the glass interlayer, and the spacer strip shall not be tilted. In addition, we need to know how the after-sales service is

IV: mosquito and insect prevention must kill technology screen window is a new favorite at home

screen window is one of the necessary equipment for mosquito prevention, and its main function is "mosquito prevention". Nowadays, there are more patterns of screen windows than before, including invisible screen windows and removable screen windows, which are no longer removed and removed as painstakingly as before. Now let's have a look at the relevant knowledge of screen windows

type selection is very important: introduction to the types of commonly used screen windows

when selecting screen windows, it is generally to choose single screen windows. The thickness of single screen windows ranges from 0.4--1.2mm. If the screen windows with better quality are generally 0.8--1.0mm, this kind of screen windows are relatively solid

Bibi knows: who is my love

according to the opening form of the window, it can be divided into translational screen window, magnet screen window, foldable hidden screen window and removable hidden screen window

the top priority of quality inspection: four look at the screen window to show true knowledge

although the screen window is not as responsible as the window, the role of the screen window can not be underestimated in summer. Therefore, a good screen window can help us avoid the invasion of mosquitoes in summer, but if you buy a bad one, it's too polite to let mosquitoes break the yarn into it. Therefore, in order to buy a real and affordable screen window, We should do the following quality inspection:

looking at the frame material, most high-quality screen frames are aluminum alloy profiles with a thickness of more than 1mm. Second, look at the yarn net. When purchasing the yarn net, you should observe the thickness of the yarn




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